Kompania Piwowarska

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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Kompania Piwowarska

    We combine passion and experience with cutting-edge technologies.
    Our goal is to brew only the best beer.
    Beer appreciated by fans of the golden beverage in Poland and abroad.

    Explore our history

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Kompania Piwowarska operates three breweries with rich heritage: Tyskie Browary Książęce (established in 1629), the Dojlidy Brewery in Bialystok (1768) and Lech Browary Wielkopolski in Poznan (1895). These breweries provide Polish people with their favourite beers, including Żubr, Tyskie, Lech, Dębowe, Redd’s and the Książęce specialty collection. Our proven beer recipes, natural ingredients, pristinely clean breweries and, above all, superbly skilled and experienced brewers, allow us to brew beers that are highly valued in Poland and abroad.

    As a socially responsible company, we take good care of people and our environment. Executing our sustainable development strategy, we promote moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol, train salespeople, save water and energy, support the development of our employees and business partners and engage in voluntary work. We are proud to sponsor many local teams. We have been consistently earning a spot among Poland’s top employers.

    Over 10 year ago, we opened our doors to people who would like to explore our breweries, so they can see with their own eyes how we brew beer. Brewery tours can be booked at: www.browarytyskie.pl (Tychy).

    Our mission

    Deliver on our great taste promise and bring more fun to life.

    Our history

    Kompania Piwowarska was established on May 4, 1999 as a result of the merger o Tyskie Browary Książęce and Lech Browary Wielkopolski. That’s when one of the biggest and most hi-tech brewing companies in Poland was born.

    Four years later, on February 4, 2003, Kompania Piwowarska SA, with Euro Agro Centrum SA and South African Breweries Ltd as the main stakeholders, acquired a majority interest in the Dojlidy Brewery, which ultimately joined the group of KP’s breweries on April 30. Later that year, in July, Poland’s first beer trip centre Świat Lecha was opened and it still operates to this day, just under another name. Everyone can book a brewery tour at www.zwiedzaniebrowaru.pl.

    One year later, on November 22, 2004, another Kompania Piwowarska brewery opened its doors to visitors. That’s when Tyskie Browarium was created, which at that time was called Tyskie Muzeum Piwowarstwa. Nowadays, brewery tours can be booked via www.browarytyskie.pl.

    Six years later, on May 14, 2009, SABMiller acquired 100% of Kompania Piwowarska’s shares.

    In 2017, Kompania Piwowarska underwent another ownership change. Now, it’s a part of Japan’s Asahi Group.

    Wartości Kompanii Piwowarskiej

    • Koncentrujemy się na klientach i konsumentach
    • Ludzie są naszą najtrwalszą przewagą
    • Odpowiedzialność jest jasna i osobista
    • Pracujemy i wygrywamy w zespołach w całej firmie
    • Reputację mamy tylko jedną
    • Dbamy o społeczności lokalne
    Wartości Kompanii Piwowarskiej
    • Nasza misja

      Warzymy piwo, dostarczając wielu pozytywnych doznań określanych w Japonii jednym słowem – KANDO.

    Kompania's Awards and Distinctions

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Kompania Piwowarska and its two brands recognized at the KTR competition

    During the 2021 KTR/Innovation gala, campaigns by two Kompania Piwowarska brands: Tyskie and Żubr received 11 awards in total. The leader of the beer industry in Poland was named the Advertiser of the Year.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Kompania Piwowarska recognized in the Ranking of Decarbonization Initiatives

    Kompania Piwowarska was recognized in the second edition of the Ranking of Decarbonization Initiatives. The celebratory awarding of the certificates took place on April 25, during the second day of the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Two novelties from Kompania Piwowarska’s portfolio with the special award at the 2022 Złoty Paragon (Golden Receipt) competition

    Kompania Piwowarska’s beers were recognized for the 11th time at one of the most important FMCG industry competitions – “Golden Receipt – Polish Merchants' Award”. Książęce Pszeniczne 0.0% and IPA 0.0% received the special award of the editorial jury. 

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Kompania Piwowarska with POLITYKA’s CSR Leaf

    Kompania Piwowarska was awarded the CSR Silver Leaf in the 11th edition of the best practice summary by the POLITYKA daily. The leader of the beer industry was recognized for implementing sustainability solutions and conducting a transparent information policy in reference to those activities. POLITYKA’s CSR Leaves were awarded during a celebratory gala on May 31, 2022.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Kompania Piwowarska in the 2022 Ranking of Responsible Companies

    The 16th edition of the Ranking of Responsible Companies saw Kompania Piwowarska take third place in the Consumer Goods category. In the overall ranking, the leader of the beer industry in Poland was sixth, i.e. two ranks higher than last year, scoring 88 out of 100 points.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Żubr and the Żubr Fund awarded silver Effie Poland in the Long-Term category

    Thank you to the jury and everyone involved: PZL, Zenith, Huta 19 im. Joachima Fersengelda and associations, pro-environmental foundations and research units, i.e. IBS PAN, Fundacja Dziedzictwo Przyrodnicze, Stowarzyszenie Salamandra.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Named the highest scoring employer in the FMCG industry in Poland

    Kompania Piwowarska received two distinctions in the Randstad Employer Brand Research. The leader of the beer market in Poland took first place in the FMCG sector for the fourth time in a row and fourth place in the overall ranking of the best employers in the country.   

    Kompania Piwowarska

    With the Responsible Business Industry Leader title

    In this year’s 15th edition of the Ranking of Responsible Companies, Kompania Piwowarska received the Responsible Business Industry Leader title, taking second place in the Consumer Goods category. The leader of the beer industry in Poland was eighth in the overall ranking and third in the 15th anniversary summary of the Ranking. 

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Two of Kompania Piwowarska’s brands with the Hit Handlu 2021 title

    Lech Free 0.0% and Żubr were recognized by retailers and readers of the “Handel” monthly in the Hit Handlu 2021 competition. Organized continually for 20 years by the publisher of the magazine, the competition gives voice to retailers, defining Poles’ shopping preferences and FMCG market trends.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Received POLITYKA’s SCR Leaf for its best practices

    Kompania Piwowarska was awarded the CSR Silver Leaf in the 10th edition of the best practice summary by the POLITYKA daily, organized in cooperation with contents partners: consultancy company Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum. The company was recognized for its social engagement, sustainability activity, and high ethical standards in terms of its relationships with the stakeholders.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Silver Paperclip for the FASOFF project!

    The FASOFF campaign was recognized by the jury of the 18th edition of the “Golden Paperclips” (Złote Spinacze) competition. Out of 79 awarded projects, FASOFF received the Silver Paperclip in the Sustainability and CSR Communications category. Addressed to future parents and their closest people to educate them on the irreversible adverse effects of consumption of even a symbolic “drop” of alcohol by pregnant women, the campaign delivered the following message - Don't drink when pregnant. Turn your glass upside down. Be FASOFF.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Named the highest scoring FMCG company in Poland in the Randstad research

    Employment stability, attractive remuneration and benefits, type of tasks and responsibilities - these factors received the highest scores from the participants of the Randstad Employer Brand Research. As a result, Kompania Piwowarska, the leader of the beer industry in Poland, was ranked first among the best employers in Poland for the second time in a row.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Kompania Piwowarska among laureates at 2018 Ethical Company

    Kompania Piwowarska was once again awarded the Ethical Company title at the competition organized by the “Puls Biznesu” daily. The beer producer managed to repeat its last year’s success, when it was honoured as the only representative of the food and beverage industry.

    Kompania Piwowarska

    Orły Wprost 2018 (Eagles of Wprost)

    Kompania Piwowarska received the Eagle title at the third edition of the competition organized by the “Wprost” weekly as the leading representative of its industry within the Wielkopolska region. The competition awards companies with the highest average net profit over the last three years and the highest average percentage increase of the net profit.

    Kompania's Management Board

    • Igor Tikhonov | President of the Management Board

      President of Kompania Piwowarska since October 2018. His whole professional life has been revolving around the FMCG sector. He kick-started his career in the brewing industry in 2001 at SABMiller, first acting as Sales Director and later on as Strategic Development Director in Russia. 2008 marked his appointment as Managing Director of the subsidiary in Ukraine, while four years later he became Managing Director in Slovakia. In 2014, Igor Tikhonov took the lead at Romania’s Ursus Breweries, which under his leadership became number one on the Romanian beer market. Over the last two years, he has also been responsible for the development of the company on the Hungarian market, where he made his name as an experienced strategist. Thanks to his management skills, the company returned to a steady growth path and began to generate record-breaking revenue.

    • Marcin Nikiel | Vice President of Finance

      He has been associated with Kompania Piwowarska since 2010. At first, he served as Commercial Finance Director. Since November 2016 he has been acting as Vice President of Finance. He has extensive experience in the field of financial management within the FMCG sector. Prior to joining Kompania Piwowarska, he had spent 13 years holding various positions within the structure of the Procter & Gamble concern both in Poland and the European headquarters of the company.

      He graduated from the Oskar Lange Academy of Economics in Wrocław with majors in Management and Computer Science, and then received his PhD degree from the Warsaw School of Economics (Collegium of Business Administration).

    • Małgorzata Lubelska | Vice President of Marketing

      She has been involved with Kompania Piwowarska since 2023. Her marketing career was launched in 1995 at Pepsico, where she held the Marketing Director positions first in Poland, and then in Central Europe and Russia. In 2011, Małgorzata started working for Heineken, first as Marketing Director of Grupa Żywiec, and for the last four years as Global Vice President of Marketing for International Brands in Amsterdam, managing a diverse portfolio including Tiger, Amstel, Birra Moretti or Desperados.

      Małgorzata Lubelska is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow; she also completed post-graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and earned an MBA Degree from the University of Minnesota.

    • Krzysztof Bieliński | Vice President of Sales

      Since January 2023 employed at Kompania Piwowarska as the Vice President of Sales. He started working at Kompania Piwowarska in 2004 as Financial Controller and was gaining experience in the areas of strategy planning, market insights and research as well as revenue management and pricing strategies. He is also experienced in working at the European level, as he led the process of creating global SAP solutions in sales. Over the next stages of his career, he headed the sales development department, then regional sales, and finally took over as Key Account Director across Kompania Piwowarska’s biggest sales channels.

    • Wojciech Moliński | Vice President of Human Resources

      Working for Kompania Piwowarska since 2008. Before that, he had been a member of the management board at Volkswagen Poznań, responsible for human resources, and worked for Philips Lighting Poland and Wavin Metalplast-Buk.

      He is a psychologist by education, a graduate of the Catholic University of Lublin.

    • Guy Van Geel | Vice President of Technical Operations

      Kompania Piwowarska’s Vice President of Technical Operations since September 2021. He has over 25 years of experience in the beverage industry and extensive knowledge in the field of production, technology, supply chain and product development. He worked for Khmer Beverages in Cambodia, among other companies, where he served as Technical Director, and for Heineken holding a similar position. His cooperation with Asahi Europe began in 2019, when he took over as Technical Director for Romania and Hungary, where he played a key role in revitalization of the World Class Manufacturing system in the brewing process. Moreover, he launched a number of projects aimed at increasing production capacity at the Ursus brewery and having zero accidents, zero customer complaints and zero CO₂ emissions.

    • Dorota Peter | Supply Chain Director

      She joined Kompania Piwowarska in October 2021, taking over as Supply Chain Director. She has over 26 years of professional experience gained holding different positions in the supply chain area, including demand and supply chain planning, customer logistics, logistics and commercial services in Poland and other Baltic countries. She began working in the supply chain area in 1995 at Procter & Gamble, where she spent 12 years. Then she was gaining knowledge and experience at Thomson Technicolors and PKN Orlen. Prior to joining Kompania Piwowarska, she had worked at Coca-Cola HBC Polska for 8 years, serving as Supply Chain Director for Poland and the Baltic countries and managing an international team in a few locations.

    • Iwona Jacaszek-Pruś | Corporate Affairs Director

      She has been heading Kompania Piwowarska’s Corporate Affairs department since January 2017. Previously, she had spent 14 years at Coca-Cola HBC Polska, serving as Head of Communications and Public Affairs and Senior Management Team member. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of public relations, communications and reputation management, also in industries considered challenging or sensitive, first gained at Burson-Marsteller Poland and then at British American Tobacco Poland. In the years 2005-2016, she was a member of the Supervisory Board of REKOPOL Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań SA, acting as the Chairman from 2008. Between 2004 and 2016, she was a member of the Management Board of the Polish Federation of Food Producers, taking over as Vice President in 2008.

      She is a graduate from Foreign Trade at the University of Gdańsk.