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    Lech it Easy – even when it rains! Natalia Szroeder’s unique concert Lech it Easy – even when it rains! Natalia Szroeder’s unique concert

    Lech it Easy – even when it rains! Natalia Szroeder’s unique concert

    Natalia Szroeder has just given a very special performance that took place as part of the competition organized by the Lech Easy brand. Ten winners, along with their companions, attended an exclusive and intimate concert by the artist, and despite the obstacles, they managed to Lech it Easy!

    In Lech Easy’s contest, ten lucky winners were selected to enjoy a private concert by Natalia Szroeder, which was scheduled to take place on the rooftop of Heron Live Hotel. The hotel is located in a serene setting surrounded by water and greenery, right on the Rożnowskie Lake. The original plans had to be modified due to rain, which surprised the winners and made it challenging for the contest organizers to deliver the prize. However, it did not dampen the positive mood of the participants. The slogan "Lech it Easy!" promoting the new product by the Lech brand, which encourages consumers to take a step back and enjoy the moment, proved effective even in unfavorable conditions. Due to the weather, the concert ultimately took place inside the hotel, creating an even more intimate atmosphere. – We wanted to ensure holiday vibes and a sense of lightness, because it is all about fun and  enjoyment – says Natalia Szroeder, emphasizing that it was a unique and very personal performance for her. Lech Easy by Kompania Piwowarska is a milder lager with a lower alcohol content (4.2%), reduced bitterness and carbonation. It fits into the trends observed among younger consumers who are looking for lighter beers with more subtle taste and up-to-date image. The face of the campaign promoting Lech Easy is Natalia Szroeder.

    Opublikowano: 05.09.2023

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