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    „Party in a Moderate Fashion”- Kompania Piwowarska launches new responsibility  campaign „Party in a Moderate Fashion”- Kompania Piwowarska launches new responsibility  campaign

    „Party in a Moderate Fashion”- Kompania Piwowarska launches new responsibility campaign

    Thursday, June 27, marks the launch of Kompania Piwowarska’s new responsibility campaign, run under the "Party in a Moderate Fashion" slogan. The aim is to promote responsible and moderate alcohol consumption, especially among young people. The related activities will be visible at major music festivals this summer, including the Polish Hip-Hop Festival, Audioriver Festival and POL’and’Rock Festival. 

    Inspired by the world of fashion and style, the campaign alludes to the "Less Is More" slogan, demonstrating that a responsible and moderate approach to alcohol consumption is just as important for building one's image as a trendy outfit. The central theme of the campaign is party fashion, thus partners such as the boutique clothing brand called "Pan tu nie stał" and the NOIZZ platform have been invited to join the initiative.

    The campaign involves various activities, primarily focusing on online communication and presence at the biggest music festivals in Poland. Additionally, a contest will be held across Kompania Piwowarska's own online channels where participants will create slogans promoting moderate consumption as a stylish element. The best entries will be rewarded with festival vouchers and clothing sets from the "Pan tu nie stał"; brand featuring the submitted slogan promoting moderation. 

    At three music festivals (Polish Hip-Hop Festival, Audioriver Festival and POL’and’Rock Festival), special zones called "Strefy stylU"; will be set up to allow participants to engage in interactive activities combined with education and contests with prizes. Attendees will have the opportunity to join in some dance and fitness activations, take memorable photos, and check their alcohol levels with the use of professional breathalysers.

     “Kompania Piwowarska is undertaking a series of initiatives to promote responsible consumption of alcohol. This year, we have decided to focus our efforts primarily on summer music festivals. These events provide an excellent opportunity to engage festival-goers and promote moderation and responsible behaviours among them,” – says Grzegorz Adamski, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development Manager at Kompania Piwowarska. 

    The link to the video promoting the campaign can be found here.

     The campaign will be supported across Kompania Piwowarska’s social media channels, partners’ channels, and on the CDA platform. 

    The idea, strategy, event production and media buying have been taken care of by the Vision & People agency.

    Published: 27.06.2024

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