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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Żubr supports the Białowieża National Park in need

    Żubr will donate 50 thousand zloty to help the Białowieża National Park, which has been battling very serious fires for a few days now. That way, the brand officially launches Żubr’s Fund for Nature.

    Nature needs a defender. Żubr (bison) has always been its natural guardian, bringing back order in challenging situations. That is why today, when the beautiful woods of the Białowieża National Park are in danger, we officially launch Żubr’s Fund for Nature. The Fund will be supporting wild nature and endangered species. That is how we execute our brand’s mission” – explains Radosław Czapczyk, Senior Brand Manager at Żubr.

    The Żubr brand has been supporting Polish nature for years. Żubr has been the guardian and sponsor of the Białowieża National Park, and that cooperation will only become stronger over the next few years. Last year, within the frame of the “Żubr saves endangered species” campaign, the brand donated one million zloty to the WWF Poland to protect the lynx, wolf and pygmy owl. Thanks to that campaign, Żubr has improved the situation of endangered animals, changed the black PR around wolves and made every one of the protected species more popular. Żubr’s Fund will combine all off the brand’s activities aimed at protection of nature.