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Żubr returns with the mission to safe endangered species

Żubr, the Guardian of the Forest, returns with a campaign aimed at saving endangered animals. This time, it will protect 5 species, the images of which will appear on the beer bottles: bear, wolf, eagle, lynx and pygmy owl. The partner of this year’s edition is the Białowieża National Park, for which Żubr’s Fund for Nature has purchased equipment worth 1,000,000 zloty, including a forest off-road ambulance, drone and diagnostic laboratory for the animal clinic.

Polish nature needs support. And Żubr has always been its defender, by sponsoring the Białowieża National Park and taking good care of it. Żubr confirmed its commitment to protection of animals in 2019, organizing the first edition of the “Żubr saves the lives of endangered species” campaign, as part of which Żubr cans and bottles featured the wolf, lynx and pygmy owl, and the brand donated 1,000,000 zloty to WWF Poland’s programmes aimed at saving endangered species.

We were very happy with the success of the 1st edition – 95% Poles gave it positive evaluation! The engagement in this campaign, not only of Żubr’s consumers, exceeded our wildest expectations. It is great that we managed to raise awareness about the necessity to protect endangered species and popularity of the wolf, lynx and pygmy owl. Now we keep up the momentum and give Żubr’s fans a chance to support 5 different species, while Żubr’s Fund will purchase the equipment necessary to save them. With this campaign, we execute Żubr’s mission and contribute to protecting Poland’s priceless nature. Obviously, no one wants bears or lynxes to disappear from Polish forests – convinces, Radosław Czapczyk, Senior Brand Manager at Żubr.

The launch of the 2nd edition of the CSR campaign was preceded by establishing Żubr’s Fund for Nature in April this year, which already provided financial support to save the burning bogs at the Biebrza National Park, with the goal of protecting Polish wildlife.

Now it is time for the 2nd edition of the campaign. It strives to make Poles realize how serious and difficult the situation of endangered species is, and that we must help the animals that have been our national symbols. For that reason, this year Żubr will support the Białowieża National Park by donating equipment worth 1 million zloty, which will help save the animals living in the Białowieża Forest.

– Protecting endangered species is a great responsibility, and it is definitely not easy. It is not just the environmental protection services that are responsible for saving them – it is also the people’s job. Everyone living here and now should focus on protecting our nature, so the future generations can still enjoy it. That is why we, those striving to preserve the “gems” of Polish nature, are looking for active support in protecting the species, and we are very glad that Żubr helps us in our efforts! – sums up Michał Krzysiak, Director of the Białowieża National Park.