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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    YOU CAN BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO – strong campaign launch for the HARDMADE beer

    HARDMADE – Kompania Piwowarska’s new brand, launched a new spot and communication promoting freedom of choice with a liberating message: You Can But You Don’t Have To, addressed to busy young adults to relieve them from the pressure they live under, also in their free time.

    You can like art, but don’t have to be the fan of its classic version. You can jump into water, but don’t have to do it from a high cliff. You can eat out, but don’t have to do it only in elegant venues. HARDMADE doesn’t force anything on you, but rather encourages you to do new things and, above all, to make your own decisions. The brand stands up against the omnipresent pressure, understanding that it is easier to say yes, when you are able to say no.

    – HARDMADE’s consumers are extremely diverse, each one of us has a different story, passion, and values. We are the generation of overstimulated individuals, who want to be accepted by the group. This challenge inspired us to reverse the traditional way of thinking – we began to contemplate what we didn’t want. And we don’t want to feel any pressure, especially in our spare time. That’s why HARDMADE sets free time free by accepting all choices. Regardless of whether you want to climb mountains or be a couch potato – HARDMADE will not tell you how to chill, because you know it best – says Filip Kniej, Creative Director and Co-Founder / CUKIER creative group.

    The communication for the new generation of consumers was created by a new generation of creative individuals. The spot is their manifesto – they show a world where free time is free of any expectations and limitations. Besides TV, the campaign will encompass 360 activities: digital, PR, POSM. The concept, execution and supervision over ATL communication was taken care of by the CUKIER creative group. The spot was directed by Fausto Becatti and produced by Papaya Films. Media planning and buying is the responsibility of Zenith Poland.

    You can watch the HARDMADE commercial on TV, but you don’t have to! SPOT LINK -

    We have separated particular scenes from each other with modern transitions, simultaneously using smooth camera operation to maintain coherency. The camera language is laidback and casual, combining every character and scene, keeping the film flow going. We filmed everything with a super wide lens to achieve immersion with the action and characters. The cast includes mostly real people, talents straight form Instagram, so we could be sure that we presented authentic characters with true stories behind them – says Fausto Becatti, the Director.

    HARDMADE is beer for the new generation of young adults, the Y and Z generations, who expect brands to deliver freshness and authenticity, want to live life on their own terms and feel accepted. Stores offer three HARDMADE variants inspired by the world of ice tea and lemonades - PEACH ICE TEA CRUSH, which is a combination of beer and peach-flavoured ice tea, RASPBERRY CRUSH – mix of beer and raspberry lemonade, and GRAPEFRUIT CRUSH, which is beer combined with grapefruit lemonade.