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When we open Tyskie, Tyskie opens us – new brand campaign launch

Tyskie has just launched its new campaign and refreshed visual identification. March 5, 2018, marked the premiere of a TV spot emphasizing the social aspect of the brand that has made integration of beer lovers through shared passions and activities a part of its DNA. Bringing people together has always been an inseparable part of Tyskie’s identity and now became the axis of its new communication.

The latest spot highlights two fundamental image changes – the logo and the characteristic crown have been altered in a way that combines tradition and modernity. The new version maintained Tyskie’s distinctive red and white colours, but the form became simpler and lighter. Tyskie Gronie with refreshed identification will appear in all customer touchpoints, i.e. on the bottles, cans and collective packages, and gradually also on POS materials and outlet equipment. The goal is to remind consumers that the history of Tyskie Browary Książęce has been associated with the tradition of gatherings already for four centuries.

- Over the last two years, beer lovers have been associating Tyskie with the adventures of Mecenas and Mazur, whose convention and sense of humour were inspired by the main characters from the Polish film “CK Dezerterzy”. The purpose of the new spot and altered visual communication is to emphasize the long-standing tradition that made Tyskie a classic option among beers. The “When we open Tyskie, Tyskie opens us” campaign aims at returning to the roots of the brand, which for years has been associated with brining people together – said Szymon Skoczylas, Senior Brand Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

On March 5, Tyskie’s 30-second-long ad was published on the brand’s Facebook page and a week later it made its TV debut. Communication will also be carried out in digital and social media channels. Creation and spot preparations were taken care of by the Bardzo agency, while the spot was directed by the Konqubinat duo. Media planning and purchase was executed by the Zenith media house, the new visual identification developed by the BNA agency, PR activities conducted by Tailor Made PR and digital services provided by Hand Made.

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