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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Tyskie reconciles the readers of Newsweek and Sieci, convincing them they have something in common

    The Tyskie brand has bought advertising space in two weekly magazines known for their opposing views, “Newsweek” and “Sieci”, and published a half of the same ad in each of them. After putting both ads together, readers can see the whole picture – hands clinking bottles with names: Paweł and Gaweł. That way, referring to Aleksander Fredro’s tale, Tyskie wants to point out that “More unites us than divides us”. The ads were published in the issues that are available on the market from Monday, April 19 (today).  

    Tyskie (Kompania Piwowarska), within the Przejdźmy na TY platform, has been executing a strategy aimed at finding a common denominator despite the seemingly deep differences that polarize Poles. After convincing Marcin Najman and Krzysztof Stanowski that it is a good idea to bury the hatchet and switch to TY, the brand decided to address the authors and readers of weekly social and political magazines that are responsible for shaping public opinion.

    And in today’s Poland, it is particularly divided. 47 percent of Poles responding in 2017 to the questions of the Public Opinion Research Centre claimed that “nowadays the Polish society is more divided, conflicted than before the 2015 elections”. This conviction is a result of the lack of openness in conversations and discussions on political topics. Nearly two thirds of the responders who notice the divisions indicated, more or less directly, that the politics is the area of life, which is currently dividing the Polish society the most (65% in total).

    At Tyskie, we believe that in order to find a compromise, we need to start with getting on a first name basis and switching to TY. It was extremely important for us to address our activities to the readers of opinion-forming magazines, which play a major role in shaping the political discourse. “I hope that our slightly humoristic and subtle creation will help relieve the tension between the readers and authors of these media, at least for a moment. We believe in taking small steps and consider our initiative the first step towards moderating the social conflict, in which we all take part, just with different level of engagement” – says Paweł Drubkowski, Tyskie Brand Manager.

    The idea, execution and communication of the campaign are delivered by Huta 19 im. Joachima Fersengelda. Media buying is taken care of by Zenith Media. For more information contact:

    Natalia Rostkowska
    External Communication Manager
    Kompania Piwowarska
    Mob. +48 695 654 479

    Justyna Sztengreber
    Public Relations
    Huta 19 im. Joachima Fersengelda
    Mob. +48 796 446 663