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    Tyskie launches the biggest cash promotion in the beer category Tyskie launches the biggest cash promotion in the beer category

    Tyskie launches the biggest cash promotion in the beer category

    Switch to TY with the kings: Kazimierz, Bolesław and Władysław. Tyskie invites everyone to join the biggest bottle cap promotion with cash prizes. 

    Tyskie enters the high beer season with a consumer activation that has never been seen before in the beer category. The brand encourages everyone to get familiar with some of the Polish kings and win a cash prize in the process. It shows that social gatherings become the perfect opportunity for a surprising guest appearance that brings an instant win. This double-edged concept is illustrated in the advertising spot.

    The selection of historical figures is not accidental, as each of them represents a particular amount of money. Bolesław Chrobry brings a win in the amount of PLN 20, Kazimierz Wielki provides PLN 50 and meeting Władysław Jagiełło is worth PLN 100.

    The mechanics of the activation are simple. The winning amount can be found under a bottle cap or a can pull tab. In order to get the prize, consumers must buy Tyskie beer, enter the code at www.tyskie.pl and withdraw cash directly from a Euronet ATM.

    This promotion for Tyskie owned by Kompania Piwowarska stands out against other market activations, where caps can be exchanged only in selected points of sale – it does not engage the store personnel, and consumers can collect their prizes in a convenient way. – Switching to Ty is invaluable and has never brought such measurable benefits before. We believe that the fun activation proposed by Tyskie will be appreciated by the consumers – said Paweł Drubkowski, Tyskie Brand Manager.

    The main medium for the campaign is a video spot, while the humorous tone of the activation is emphasized by digital and non-standard activities. The promotion was launched on May 4 and will last until August 31, 2022. The advertising spot was directed by the Konqubinat (Karolina Lewicka i Tomek Kapuściński) duo. The 30 and 15-second versions will be broadcast on TV from May 16. The spot was produced by Papaya Films, while postproduction was executed by Televisor, sound by Juice. 360 advertising activities have been delivered by Huta 19 im. Joachima Fersengelda, media buying by the Zenith media house. The consumer activation is run by the Kropka Bordo agency, packaging was designed by Brand New Attitude.

    Published: 10.05.2022