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Tyskie Fest 2018 – what a Fest it was!

Over the last weekend of August, the Silesia Park in the city of Chorzów hosted the 18th edition of the biggest celebration of beer and music in the region – Tyskie Fest. The festival tent was filled to the brim, buzzing with true Silesian feast vibes. The sounds of local hits were intertwining with the music of acclaimed Polish artists playing on the main stage. There were also numerous beer attractions waiting for the participants, including the Tyskie Browary Książęce zone revealing the arcana of brewing and prize contests in Tyskie’s Challenge Zone.

Feasting is one of the most important Silesian customs. Cultivated for centuries, this Silesian tradition combines rest, music and meetings over a beer. But above all, it brings people together. The tradition became the basis of Tyskie Fest, the biggest and the oldest celebration of music and beer in the region, during which one big table welcomes different generations, different music tastes and the same love for good beer.

Just like in previous years, during the latest edition of Tyskie Fest the Silesia Park was bustling with music – performed by both local artists and the most popular names on the Polish music scene. The first day of concerts was kicked off by Róże Europy and Saturday also featured performances by Bas Tajpan & Bob One, Myslovitz, Xxanaxx and Lipali. On Sunday, to begin the second festival day, the fans were welcomed by the Sound’n’Grace choir, while the unique atmosphere was later maintained by Mrozu. Sunday evening was marked by the music of Ania Dąbrowska and Nosowska. The public gathered at Tyskie Fest was especially enthusiastic about the performers form Silesia: Grubson, Feel, Pokahontaz and Miuosh, who obviously emphasized their connection to the region and proved they are more than able to combine tradition with modernity.

While the Fields of Mars (Pola Marsowe) were dominated by the greatest stars of the Polish music scene, the Great Meadow (Duża Łąka) was taken over by Silesian hit songs. The Fest Tent resonated with the music of regional bands and performers that allowed Silesians – and not only them – to immerse in the atmosphere of a true feast. That’s where on the last weekend of August the audience enjoyed performances by Grzegorz Poloczek, Mirek Szołtysek, Beata Mańkowska, Blue Party, De Silvers and many more.

Tyskie Fest is more than just two days full of the best music and beer. Above all, it is about people who come to Chorzów every year to take part in the event. They create the unique atmosphere of the event and the place. This year’s turnout assured us that Silesians are eager to have fun and spend time together. The biggest fans of the feast vibes were not discouraged by the rainy forecasts and Tyskie Fest welcomed a huge crowd as soon as the gates were open – says Maciej Kuś, Tyskie’s Brand Manager.

Besides music and beer, every Silesian feast includes additional attractions, and the last weekend also did not disappoint when it comes to that. The Tyskie Browary Książęce zone allowed visitors to learn about traditional brewing methods and secret beer recipes. Festival goers looking for extra thrills could go to Tyskie’s Challenge Zone, While the Foodtruck Zone offered delicious dishes from across Poland. During this year’s edition of Tyskie Fest, the residents of Silesia once again showed everyone what a true Fest is all about!     

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