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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

Tyskie convinced Najman and Stanowski that they do, in fact, have something in common

Marcin Najman and Krzysztof Stanowski met yesterday at the Grand Finale Fundraiser organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) in Częstochowa. The boxer was there to personally hand his blue jacket over to the journalist who won the auction. Tyskie took advantage of this situation to promote the message delivered by the Przejdźmy na TY (Let’s Switch to TY) platform, and convinced Najman and Stanowski to have a beer together, despite their differences.

The notorious disagreement between Najman and Stanowski reached a climax when the journalist bought the famous blue jacket – featured in numerous online memes, which the boxer donated to WOŚP. After Marcin’s series of short videos, a calm meeting between the two gentlemen seemed impossible.

Tyskie decided to try and convince Marcin and Krzysztof to put their differences aside for a moment. Within the framework of the “Przejdźmy na TY” platform, the brand invited the fighting parties for a calm meeting over a beer. After handing the jacket over at the Grand Finale Fundraiser in Częstochowa, Stanowski and Najman sat down and exchanged a few words over Tyskie.

– When we found out that Marcin and Krzysiek would meet, we immediately decided to try to persuade them to talk over a beer. A lot divides them, but helping others unites them. We wanted to use their example to show that differences can be put aside, even if just for a moment – says Paweł Drubkowski, Tyskie Brand Manager.