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Tyskie Browary Książęce named the Touristic Product of 2019

Celebrating its 390th anniversary this year, the mother brewery of Tyskie was appreciated as a touristic attraction by the jury of the Touristic Product of 2019 Programme. The organizers distinguished Tyskie Browary Książęce for its unique industrial touristic route, the neighbouring Museum and cyclical special events and beer workshops.

Tyskie Browary Książęce, one of the most modern venues of that type in Poland and Europe, and a jewel of Silesian architecture at the same time, has been revealing its secrets to local and international beer lovers already for 15 years. A brewery tour allows visitors to follow the brewing process in real time – from the ingredients to the bottling line, while the Museum encourages them to visit its interactive exhibition full of Tyskie’s stories. The jury of the Programme appreciated the unique character of this place, awarding it the Touristic Product of 2019 title.

We are proud to receive this distinction – it is yet another proof of recognition for our activity from the fans of tourism – comments Marta Andreasik, responsible for the tour centre at Tyskie Browary Książęce. – We owe it mainly to all the people who create this place: employees of the brewery, guides and personnel making sure that every tour around the cradle of Tyskie is an unforgettable experience – she adds.

Besides tours carried out in a few languages (including the Silesian dialect) and the Museum, the organizers of the Programme gave high notes also to the touristic and cultural activity of the brewery, including cyclical events taking place in the venue as part the Industrial Monuments Route celebration (“Industraida”), International Beerophilia Market, Night Tours, theatre spectacles (“Teatr Mały”) and antique car shows (Mustang Rally).

Tyskie Browary Książęce has already been awarded numerous times for its unique touristic offer – the venue can already show off with the 2019 Eagles of Entertainment (Orły Rozrywki) title, 2018 and 2017 TripAdvisor Certificate, and the Star of the Silesian Industrial Monuments Route status as the most interesting route of industrial tourism in Poland. It is also one of the sites of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

The Touristic Product of 2019 Programme awards cultural and touristic venues, organizations involved in education, and those arranging conferences and accompanying cultural and social events. The Programme laureates are selected by the Programme Jury based on an analysis of submission forms sent by the Participants. Winners are awarded in two categories: Touristic Service of the Year and Touristic Product of the Year.

The goal of the Programme is to distinguish touristic services and products that represent the highest standards and guarantee that the customers receive the very best products or services. It is aimed at creating and strengthening the positive message behind cultural activity, addressed to both local communities and tourists.     

The organizer of the Programme is Media Press Group, Forum Biznesu editorial team.