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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Summer’s approaching, Żubrs’s cooling down Żubr’s new advertising campaign launched!

Two Quick Żubrs refuse to slow down and the consumers keep tracking the winning caps, while Żubr is launching its new summer campaign. Maintaining momentum, it kicked off the holiday season with a new spot that was released at the beginning of June on TV and in social media.

“Żubr’s cooling down, we can go back home” – that is the slogan from the latest TV ad for the Poles’ favourite beer. The action, as always, takes place in the Białowieża Forest. This time around, we meet our long-lost friends – little busy ants. After a hard day’s work, they will find the greatest support in Żubr. Every resident of the forest can count on his help.    

- We already know that Two Quick Żubrs once again have won the hearts of Poles. The campaign slowly comes to an end, but Żubr refuses to slow down – says Łukasz Kling from Kompania Piwowarska. The new spot takes us right in the middle of a holiday atmosphere. Traditionally, the whole creation has a typically humorous and unique style. The weather is good, and we show that at the end of a hot day, after a few hours at work, there is a reward waiting for us at home – he adds.     

The 30- and 15-second versions of the ad premiered on TV and the brand’s profile. Moreover, numerous digital and social media activities have been planned for the summer season. At the end of the holidays, the Dojlidy Brewery will celebrate its 250th anniversary and obviously Żubr cannot miss that. On that occasion, consumers from the region of Podlasie can count on many different attractions and additional activations.

The new TV campaign was prepared by the PZL agency, OTO Film production house and Platige Image. All online, social media and PR activities are being taken care of by Tailor Made PR and Huta 19. Media planning and purchase was the responsibility of the Zenith media house.       

The latest spot can be watched on TV and in social media:

Żubr on Instagram: