Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

Silver Paperclip for Kompania Piwowarska for the FASOFF project

The FASOFF campaign was recognized by the jury of the 18th edition of the “Golden Paperclips” (Złote Spinacze) competition. Out of 79 awarded projects, FASOFF received the Silver Paperclip in the Sustainability and CSR Communications category. The campaign was addressed to future parents and their closest people. With the goal to educate on the irreversible adverse effects of consumption of even the symbolic “drop” of alcohol by pregnant women, the campaign delivered the following message - Don't drink when pregnant. Turn your glass upside down. Be FASOFF.

FASOFF was launched in September 2019 on the International FAS Awareness Day. The campaign was executed by Kompania Piwowarska in cooperation with the “Dom w Łodzi” Foundation, which takes care of disabled children, including those suffering from FAS. Based on powerful messages and visualisations, it drew attention to the problem of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), which is neurodevelopmental disorder that results from the impact of alcohol on a fetus during the prenatal period. The organizers engaged Poland’s top parenting influencers and bloggers as well as the online community to post images of glasses turned upside down and the “don’t drink while pregnant/pregnancy without alcohol” caption on their profiles. For the purpose of this project, a few spots featuring influencers and popular bloggers were created. The logo of the campaign was a pacifier with the FASO/FF sign. Besides the internet, the campaign spot was also broadcast in a number of TV stations.

– Our attitude towards issues related to consumption of alcohol has always been clear – drink responsibly. We will not stop trying to educate the society on how to use alcohol in a responsible way. In case of the FASOFF campaign, the messages are addressed to future parents and their loved ones. It is not an easy or pleasant topic, but we have always encouraged consumers to drink wisely – never when pregnant, never when we are planning to drive, never serve alcohol to minors. We believe that the numerous educational activities will increase social awareness year by year, as indicated by the high number of people engaged in the campaigns – comments Grzegorz Adamski, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.   

Kompania Piwowarska is a socially responsible company, which has spent years educating and reminding customers to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, never drink and drive or sell alcohol to minors.

The FASOFF campaign awarded by the “Golden Paperclips” jury was executed in 2019. It reached about 3 million people, while the internet activities generated 34 thousand interactions. Within the framework of the second edition of the campaign in 2020, the FASOFF message reached over 8 million people, with 45 thousand interactions. The campaign is accompanied by a dedicated website –, which in 2019 launched a shop with shocking products, which – just as alcohol – should not be given to children, while in 2020 they deliberately included mistakes to give an idea how difficult it is for children with FAS to perceive the world. The campaign was created, prepared and executed by the MOSQI.TO agency.

Every year, the “Golden Paperclips” select and award the most effective, most creative, and best prepared and implemented campaigns and communication activities within the scope of public relations and related areas. The competition educates the business environment on professional PR services, promotes professional craftsmanship and the highest content and quality standards in terms of creating broadly defined campaigns and policies. Out of a record-breaking number of 394 submissions to this year’s edition, the competition jury awarded 21 Golden, 32 Silver and 26 Bronze Paperclips in 33 categories.