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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Silver medals for Dębowe and Lech Pils and two bronze medals for Książęce at the Good Beer 2019 competition!

Dębowe Mocne, Lech Pils, Książęce IPA and Książęce Ciemne Łagodne received distinctions in the professional Good Beer 2019 competition. It has been the 16th time when Kompania Piwowarska’s beers stood on the competition podium.

The jury of the Good Beer competition, composed of renowned experts and beer connoisseurs, honored four Kompania Piwowarska products. In the category of pale strong lager the highest – second place (the first place was not awarded) – was won by Dębowe Dojrzałe Mocne (dark lager). Lech Pils (pale lager) in the pale lager category, in which there was a record number of entries, also stood on the podium with a silver medal. Two bronze medals were awarded to Książęce brand. In the American PA category Książęce IPA (American pale ale) was appreciated, while Książęce Ciemne Łagodne (dark lager) stood on the podium in the dark lager category. It has already been its 5th medal in Good Beer competitions. Out of 180 submitted beers, 30 received distinctions in the competition. In this edition, two categories gained the highest level of attention, namely, pale lager and wheat beer.

 – This is a very important industry competition. It verifies whether our products are really as great as we think they are – in terms of taste and quality. Therefore, recognition by professionals and winning medals in such a prestigious competition means that our beers are really good and world-class. This is a really great distinction, especially since in some categories, such as the pale lager, where our Lech Pils was appreciated, there was a record number of entries – commented Jacek Grabarczyk, Lech Pils and Dębowe brands’ manager. 

 For us, our beers are like ‘children’ – therefore the whole brewing process is treated with great care and love, consequently, we are all the more pleased with such professional distinctions. And Książęce variants have already for the 14th time proved in Good Beer competitions that the love to them can be returned in a beautiful way, and that they really are top notch – added Leszek Popiołek, brewer from Tyskie Browary Książęce.

The awards were presented during the Polish Brewery Congress, which took place in Lublin on October 9th this year. This has already been the 7th edition of Good Beer, which in 2013-2015 used the name Golden Beer Poland.