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Residents of Tychy turn silver. Tyskie Browary Książęce’s team becomes Vice Champion of Katowice’s amateur football extraleague

Tyskie Browary Książęce’s successes go way beyond the field of beer. The brewery’s football team has recently become the Vice Champion of Katowice RED BOX Amateur League. It is the first medal won by the football six representing the Tychy brewery at the highest extraleague level. Besides this historic victory, the residents of Tychy scored another silver medal in this season’s knockout tournament.

From nine to five, they all work at the bottling line, warehouse, sales department or administration office of Tyskie Browary Książęce, but after hours they enter the pitch to make their football dreams come true. The football six composed of the employees of the Tychy brewery have been playing in the amateur league since 2010. The ending season is the most successful one in the history of the team. And it all started with futsal.

The first game of the Tychy-based team took place eight years ago in the Silesian Katowice RED BOX Futsal League. After only one futsal season, the team advanced to the Extraleague, where they played every winter. However, their appetite for football trophies was only increasing. Pushed by their sporting ambition, the team from Tychy entered the pitch. They began their journey on an artificial turf in the 3rd league. Consistent goals quickly earned them a spot in the 2nd league, which they took by storm, ending the season as a first-league team. They got a strong taste of victory last spring, when they just missed the podium and ended up fourth in the Extraleague ranking, but they had to wait for a real success until fall. On November 21, 2018, the team won their first silver Extraleague medal ever and became the Vice Champion of the Katowice RED BOX Amateur League.

- The passing season made our football dreams come true. We have been waiting for this moment for eight years, since the team was set up. The success we have achieved is the best proof that age does not matter on the pitch; it is all about teamwork and fun. Plus the competitive spirit each of us awakens every time we hear the judge blowing his whistle for the first time – says Adrian Sopicki, captain of the Tychy-based team.

Besides this year’s two silver medals, the team from Tychy managed to win the first tournament for the business partners of the GKS Tychy football club and once again, for the third time, dominate the company tournament Tyskie Cup 2018. Tyskie Cup is Kompania Piwowarska’s charity initiative, which allows the employees to not only fight for the trophy for the company’s best football team, but also support chosen organisations helping those in need.

- Tyskie Cup is a special tournament for us. Not only because we are one of the most accomplished teams, but also because winning gives us a chance to help people in need. A victory that makes us and others happy is a double victory – adds Adrian Sopicki.

After a short break from the football adventure, in January the team from Tychy will play in the Polish Futsal Championship of the Food Industry. Besides Adrian Sopicki, the team features: Marek Hołdowicz, Adrian Horbaczewski, Piotr Kowalczyk, Janusz Małek, Michał Michalak, Rafał Nowrot, Michał Seweryn, Grzegorz Chrząścik, Michał Sopicki, Łukasz Sowa, Damian Syrek, Rafał Twardowski and Mateusz Chłopek.