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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Redd’s Bianco – a unique, slightly dry variant among flavoured beers

    And so it happened! Exploring the world of fruit and exotic additions, Redd’s got entangled in grapevines and that’s how Redd’s Bianco was born. This March the new variant with slightly dry taste of grapes joins the group of popular flavoured beers from Kompania Piwowarska, which this season will be promoted under the slogan “Redd’s. Other than others.”

    Redd’s has already tried to seduce customers with the sweetness of Raspberry and Pomegranate, had an affair with the bitter notes of Cranberry, and finally provided refreshment in the form of Apple with Lemongrass. Now, the time has come to introduce delicate dryness. In search of a perfect summer flavour, KP’s brewers took a closer look at grapevines and got inspired by their aromatic sweet and sour bunches. As a result, the family of well-known and appreciated flavoured beers was expanded by Redd’s Bianco.

    - A vineyard is a completely new territory for us! – says Izabela Ciupińska, Kompania Piwowarska’s employee responsible for the Redd’s brand. – That’s why we believe that Redd’s Bianco will win the hearts and palates of all the fans of less sweet, slightly dry flavours. It’s a unique offer on the market and an attractive alternative for enjoyably fizzy drinks with low alcohol content, such as cider or  prosecco. All in all, Redd’s is other than others!

    Redd’s Bianco offers the best qualities of white wine and beer at the same time. From the first one, it borrowed fresh, slightly dry taste with just a note of sweetness, which will surely enchant the fair sex, but also gentlemen might not be able to stay indifferent to its charms. The subtle saturation reminds us of prosecco, while the sophisticated way of serving – in a dedicated glass with a few ice cubes – enhances the whole drinking experience. Its “beer” roots are highlighted by the low alcohol content – 4.5% - and elegant yet handy bottle. These two qualities combined with the casual character of Redd’s Bianco make it an excellent choice for spring and summer afternoons and weekday evenings, when willingness to party and relax has to be counterbalanced by moderation and common sense. But during weekends it can serve as a great party starter and make every social gathering even more interesting. It’s important to combine it with good company, as a bunch of grapes tastes best among a bunch of friends.

    In the upcoming season, the brand will be promoted under the slogan “Redd’s. Other than others.” It emphasizes the fact that thanks to its originality, Redd’s is well prepared to compete against any other flavoured beers available on the market as well as beverages with low alcohol content with similar qualities. The widespread advertising campaign that will be launched in the middle of April encompasses TV spots, online activities, press ads and tastings. The activation concept, ATL, key visual and POS designs were prepared by the Nairobia agency, digital activity will be conducted by Lubię to, while the packaging for the new variant was designed by the Mango agency. Redd’s Bianco will be gradually appearing on store shelves across Poland starting from March 7. It will be available in a non-returnable 400 ml bottle and a 500 ml can.