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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Poland’s first elevator bar – Tyskie’s social experiment

Break an awkward silence and get on a first name basis with your neighbours! A unique experiment conducted in a block of flats in the district of Bielany in Warsaw showed that it is easier than it seems. Tyskie proves that even a place as mundane as an elevator can give life to a new acquaintance. The action was executed by the brand as a part of its “Przejdźmy na TY” (Let’s get on a first name basis) campaign, encouraging to stay open and get to know others.

Neighbourly Poland

Passing each other without a word in the staircase or an awkward silence in the elevator constitutes our current neighbourly reality. Poles have stopped caring about their neighbourly relations, which several years ago were still an important element of every community. According to research conducted by CBOS, over 65% of Poles keep their distance when it comes to their neighbours and avoid close relations with them. The situation is a result of many factors, including the rush of the modern lifestyle or simple shyness. Tyskie noticed this tendency and decided to show Poles that getting on a first name basis is always a good idea.

On a first name basis with your neighbour

An elevator is a place where neighbours inevitably meet. For that reason, it became the centre of the brand’s activity. For just one day, an elevator in a typical block of flats was transformed into a genuine bar, in order to check whether it would influence typical social behaviours. The experiment has shown that despite different personalities, the participants were able to find a common ground and made contact without much effort. They just needed to get favourable conditions and realize that we can get on a first name basis in every situation. For some of them, it was the very first time they said more than the usual “good morning” to each other, while others found numerous topics that turned awkward silence into short conversations, often continued even outside of the elevator.

- Neighbourly relations are a taboo subject in busy Poland, due to social trust that we are lacking these days. The fact is that half of us do not know their closest neighbours’ first name – says Tycjan Lewandowski, Brand Director at Tyskie. – The situation was very different in the past. And that’s how our idea for an elevator bar experiment was born. The results were a positive surprise, as they indicated that meeting new people comes easy to us and does not require a lot of effort – he adds. – We hope that the experiment will inspire and encourage us to open up to our neighbours and maybe even… get on a first name basis over Tyskie.      

Tyskie – a brand that brings people together 

In September 2018, Tyskie launched a new communication platform under the name “Przejdźmy na Ty” (Let’s get on a first name basis), the goal of which is to encourage people to open up to others and support human relations. The communication is based on authenticity, openness and enthusiasm, inspiring conversations regardless of age, social status or interests. At the same time, it refers to the socializing aspect of drinking beer and situations in which the most democratic lager on the market has the power to get people closer together.

The innovative experiment carried out by Tyskie as part of the “Przejdźmy na Ty” campaign can be seen at …… All campaign activities were taken care of by: Gong agency – creation and concept of the experiment and digital activities, Sputnik Studio – production, Karolina Lewicka (Konqubinat) – direction, Zenith media house – media planning and purchase, Tailor Made PR – PR activities.    

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