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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

Over 200 m Tyskies with names to switch to TY. Tyskie introduces personalized labels for 4 months.

Tyskie uses its new personalized packaging to encourage Poles to switch to TY, despite any differences. Bottles and cans with popular Polish names are already available in stores across Poland. The campaign encompasses both Tyskie Jasne “Gronie” and non-alcoholic Tyskie 0.0% in all SKU capacities.

The campaign is executed within the “Przejdźmy na TY” platform under the “More unites us than divides us” slogan. That’s the expression of the mission of the brand, which aims to unite all Poles without any prejudices and regardless of any differences between them. The campaign will last until the end of April, appearing on TV, social media and POSM.

Tyskie with names is yet another initiative of the brand, the goal of which is to reduce the distance between people and help them build relationships in spite of barriers and differences. Just like in the promo spot filmed from the main character’s point of view, in which switching to TY constitutes the beginning of a relationship between strangers, younger and older, man and women representing different environments.         

By introducing bottles and cans with names to the market, we wanted to symbolically tell and remind Poles to call each other by their names, get closer together, and talk regardless of any differences and barriers. This uniting message from Tyskie is extremely important and needed, especially now in the time of social divisions, and additionally in the context of a global pandemic and digital media, which separate us even further. The whole campaign will be executed with emphasis on human relationships, which are so significant in these difficult times. Such an approach resonates with us and our consumers, as proven by intense market research – says Tycjan Lewandowski, Tyskie Brand Director.

Tyskie’s spot: