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Kompania Piwowarska

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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Meet this season’s hottest beer novelty! All ahead with Captain Jack

A brand-new product from Kompania Piwowarska has just made its debut on store shelves – it is rum flavoured beer inspired by the adventurous world of pirates. Captain Jack is meant for all those who enjoy breaking the routine and reaching for the unknown. Addressed to young people, the beer’s sociable character will undoubtedly make it the start of all friendly gatherings.

Captain Jack draws from the favourite drink of pirates, offering rum and spicy aromas balanced with refreshing citrus notes. Thanks to the distinctive taste of beer, it is an interesting alternative to alcoholic beverages. It is best served with lime or lemon that go perfectly with the rum aroma.

September 24 saw the launch of a 10-second TV spot announcing numerous adventures promised by Captain Jack. It will be followed by a full 30-second version that will show the fun world of the brand and encourage to meet Captain Jack. Kompania Piwowarska’s novelty is addressed to young people who desire to break the routine and enjoy party vibes. It gives beer lovers the courage to blaze new trails and embark on a fun journey full of unforgettable experiences. The central character of the debuting brand’s communication is a charismatic, feisty parrot – Captain Jack, which appears every time someone opens the beer. It brings out the pirate nature in people, inspiring them to seek adventures and explore the unknown.

Captain Jack’s promotional campaign was launched in September, with the climax and strongest support planned for October, when students return to their universities. It will encompass: a TV spot, digital and social media activities, interesting murals and spot screenings in cinemas. The 10 and 30-second spots were prepared by the Bardzo agency, production was taken care of by the Dynamo film studio and postproduction by Platige Image. Digital activation will be run by the Hand Made agency, media purchase and planning is carried out by the Zenith media house and PR communication by Tailor Made PR. The packaging was created by the Mango Design agency. POS material designs were delivered by Mango Design and Prism Studio.

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