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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Leszek reveals a winter surprise – it is time to break the ice at Czarna Góra Resort!

Some get-togethers start off quite cold, especially those at winter resorts. That is why on February 16 we will meet at Lech’s winter party, where together with the Flirtini DJ duo we will break the ice. Ready for the snow frenzy? Put the date in your calendar, and see you at Czarna Góra Resort!

Throughout the year, Leszek is strongly involved in music festivals and concerts by Polish artists. After summer activations, it is time for winter. Inspired by the limited can edition, Leszek will make its debut as a party host at a mountain resort located in the picturesque Śnieżnik Mountains in Lower Silesia. Czarna Góra Resort, the place in question, is one of the best ski resorts in Poland with excellent ski and hotel infrastructure.

What can you count on on the spot besides typical winter entertainment? Loads of attractions! Great fun with specially selected music in the background will be provided by the Flirtini duo, which plays at the biggest festivals and club scenes across Poland, achieving record-breaking audience numbers. Ment XXL and Jedynak have been continually playing together for 8 years, promoting contemporary urban music. And now it is time for them to come to Czarna Góra resort and put Leszek’s fans in a party mood. On February 16 at 5 pm, Flirtini will take over Leszek’s winter stage in order to help active holidaymakers break the ice. Besides musical madness, everyone will have a chance to get an event souvenir in the form of an original photo with Leszek’s stickers.

The party is executed within the frame of the “Leszek for Winter” campaign, which constitutes another edition of the brand’s annual activity. Besides the music surprise on the slope, this year Kompania Piwowarska’s Lech Premium has prepared a limited edition of cans with a dynamic design. Leszek’s promotional activities encompass a TV spot, an OOH campaign in the south of Poland, and cooperation with influencers within the scope of PR and digital.

See you at Czarna Góra Resort (Sienna 11, Stronie Śląskie). Make sure to be there!

The event is available under the following link: