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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich


Lech has been supporting environmental protection and inspiring consumers to be eco for years. This time around, the brand launches a new activation – an eco-quiz called “Lechendy wchodzą w eko”. There are 10,000 hoodies made from environmentally-friendly fabrics designed by Polish Street Art Legends to win!

Lech Premium, a brand that has spent years promoting ecological solutions, for example by using wind energy, launches a new consumer activation called “Lechendy wchodzą w eko”. The contest is run at and lasts from October 12 until December 27, 2020. The eco-quiz was created within the platform of Lechends, meaning people whose daily, small gestures are of great significance. Every action taken in the right direction might turn out to be a heroic feat, making one a true Lechend! Expanding our knowledge in the field of environmental protection, waste segregation or energy savings – even the smallest pro-ecological initiative we take can make a difference.

The contest is run in the form of an eco-quiz that allows the participants to test their knowledge on environmental protection, by answering a number of ecology-related questions. What do you have to do to take part in it and get a chance to win? Lech packaging with information about the contest and a “GRAJ O EKO BLUZY” graphic hits the stores right now. The promotion will encompass 500ml cans and bottles of Lech Premium, Lech Free (lager), Lech Pils, and Lech Premium (puszka 550 ml). Under every promo Lech bottle cap and pull tab there’s a unique code that enables you to take part in the eco-quiz. Those who provide the most right answers on a particular day will win a special hoodie. There will be as many as 10,000 of them to win, available with 10 different designs.

All the hoodies were designed by Polish Street Art Lechends (Sepe, Zbiok, Tuse and Noriaki). Created by artists, the designs refer to ecology, while the hoodies were made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. On top of that, they received the Organic Content Blended (OCS blended) and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. The designs were printed with the use of ecological, certified water paints.

Every gesture, event those seemingly insignificant, can provide a reason to become a Lechend! That’s one of the main messages of the campaign, which emphasizes the great importance of daily actions, including small gestures, aimed at the improvement of our surroundings.

The activity concept and the “Lechendy wchodzą w eko” contest were delivered by the Afekt agency. Creation, digital activities, website and social media communication were entrusted to Cut The Mustard. TV spot production was taken care of by Dynamo, postproduction by Televisor, and the TVC creative concept was executed by Bardzo. Media planning and purchase was the responsibility of the Zenith media house. Cooperation with influencers and media communication was executed by Tailor Made PR.