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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
    Lechends party with moderation! – Check Your BAC zone at Pol'and'Rock Festival Lechends party with moderation! – Check Your BAC zone at Pol'and'Rock Festival

    Lechends party with moderation! – Check Your BAC zone at Pol'and'Rock Festival

    The Lech brand will once again come to the Pol'and'Rock Festival with its Check Your BAC zone. The event takes place in Czaplinek on August 3 – 5, 2023. The zone will be there to remind everyone about responsible alcohol consumption while having fun. The festival-goers will receive Lech Free 0,0% vouchers.

    Promoting moderate and responsible alcohol consumption is Kompania Piwowarska’s long- term social commitment, which the company has been consistently executing. The festival is another occasion for the beer producer to remind everyone to drink in moderation.

    The Pol'and'Rock Festival is sponsored by the Lech brand, thus this year’s Check Your BAC zone will be marked with the “Lechends party with moderation” slogan and #pijzumiarem (#drinkwithmoderation), which refers to the second edition of the social music campaign titled “DRINK with MODERATION – That Rhymes” offering educational content on how not to lose control while having fun in summer (more about the campaign: Kompania Piwowarska - „DRINK with MODERATION – That Rhymes).

    We are fully aware that consumption of our beers can carry the risk of unwanted health and social consequences. Therefore, we do our best to reach the consumers with our message and educational activities exploring the impact of alcohol on health and social situations, among other things. Building awareness in terms of responsible alcohol consumption is extremely important for us, and one of our priorities is preventing drunk driving. For that purpose, we carry out festival activities such as the Check Your BAC zone, and on top of that execute educational campaigns with the use of responsibility messages on our product packaging, provide the dedicated abcalkoholu.pl website, and expand our offer with non-alcoholic beers, which are a great alternative to alcoholic beveragessays Małgorzata Walędzińska-Półtorak, Sustainable Development Program Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

    Amidst the hot summer festival atmosphere, the participants will be able to cool down with the use of fans displaying the rules of moderate drinking, i.e.:
        • stay hydrated;
        • alternate between drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;
        • information on how much time a healthy body needs to digest 10 ml of alcohol.

    The festival-goers can also count on T-shirts and flags with responsibility messages and the festival visual. Additionally, from Thursday until Saturday, there will be 50 Lech Free 0,0% vouchers for the first 50 people visiting the zone at every full hour. In total, across three zones, we the brand will give away 5,700 vouchers. Moreover, between Thursday (August 3) and Sunday (August 5), it will be possible to take a professional breathalyzer test and use the following animations: reflex meter and maze with alco-goggles, which simulate the impact of alcohol on our senses and perception.

    Check Your BAC has been coming to mass events since 2015. By 2022, over 370 thousand people have checked the alcohol content in their bodies to decide whether they can drive safely. Nearly 78.6 thousand took part in the alco-goggles animations.

    Kompania Piwowarska continues to develop the virtual Check Your BAC calculator that indicates an approximate time until getting totally sober and calculates the calories absorbed with alcohol. In 2022, the app was downloaded by over 5.5. thousand people. It is available at abcalkoholu.pl – a website full of information on how alcohol impacts our health and social life as well as benefits of moderate drinking, and for the two most popular operating systems. In 2022, the website was visited over 483 thousand times.

    This year, the Check your BAL zone will still come to the following festivals: Fest Festival in Chorzów (August 9-13), Wisłoujście in Gdańsk (August 18-20), Chmielaki in Krasnystaw (August 18-20), Mayday in Katowice (November).

    More about the festival: Pol'and'Rock Festival | Czaplinek Lotnisko Broczyno (polandrockfestival.pl)

    Published: 01.08.2023