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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    “Lechendary” refreshment with citrus hops – Lech beer’s latest spot

    Starting from April 4, during advertising breaks on most TV channels the viewers can once again hear the characteristic “Le Le Le” assigned to Lech’s spots. This time around, Lech’s bard invites everyone to try out new versions of the brand’s lagers: alcoholic Lech Citrus Hops and non-alcoholic Lech Free 0.0% Citrus Hops. The goal of the product video, as well as the entire wide-range promotional campaign, is to emphasize the refreshing character of both beer variants.

    This summer, what Lech offers to Poles are the brand’s lagers, ideal for those looking for novelties in this segment. Inspired by the Citra and Cascade hops, the recipes were developed by the brewers from Poznań, who have created beers that are simply perfect for blistering hot days, as they are light and refreshing, with a well-balanced bitterness.

    This is the first time that Lech Premium and Lech Free join forces in one campaign encompassing different contact points – from TV, through social media, to cooperation with influencers. It is something new for both variants, since so far Lech Premium and Lech Free 0.0% have been communicated separately. The commercial presenting the products transports us into a party atmosphere, which is complemented by the presence of the characteristic bard. Besides the TV spot, promotion will also encompass a number of digital and outdoor activities.

    – We have combined the two brands to put even more emphasis on the fact that everyone can enjoy the unique taste of citrus hops – regardless of which version of the beer they choose. Despite the communication innovation, all the activities as well as the main message remain embedded in  the “Lechendary” platform – says Paweł Marciocha, Lech Premium Brand Manager.    

    Lech Premium Citrus Hops provides excellent refreshment and light taste, which is especially appreciated during BBQs, lazy afternoons, warm evenings and parties with friends, whereas Lech Free Citrus Hops 0.0% is the perfect choice not only for active people, but also all those who look for refreshment any time of the day or night. Regardless of the situation, both proposals – Lech Citrus Hops and Lech Free 0.0% Citrus Hops – will please beer lovers searching for a combination of the refreshment of lager and the fresh taste of citrus hops.

    ATL communication is taken care of by the Bardzo agency, media planning and buying is executed by the Zenith media house, the concept and packaging project were delivered by PRISM Studio. Digital activities are coordinated by the Cut the Mustard agency. Cooperation with influencers and PR communication are the responsibility of Tailor Made PR.