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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Lech Premium as „The Source of Lechends” in a new advertising spot!

The Lech Premium brand has launched its refreshed communication, along with a new advertising spot that uses humour to emphasize the heroic actions taken by ordinary people. Who can be a “Lechend”? Every person from our everyday lives!

The axis of Lech Premium’s new communication are the behaviours that can be described as lechendary as well as real Lechends, i.e. ordinary people who take noteworthy actions in everyday situations.

Our Lechends are the ordinary Lech consumers, who know that small daily gestures, deeds and behaviours are of significant importance. Lech notices such attitudes, and thus supports, glorifies and presents them in an epic way. The Lech brand appreciates silent everyday heroes, placing them at the centre of its new campaign – commented Szymon Skoczylas, Premium Brand Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

The 30’ advertising spot, which made its debut at the beginning of March, constitutes a tribute to all Lechends. Referring to the culture of praising heroic deeds in songs and stories, an optimistic bard character presents a host who embarks on a journey to a mountain top in order to save his party. The story humorously alludes to the importance of small gestures towards friends. The ad is broadcast by all major TV stations across Poland and was inspired by the slogan of the upcoming communication platform – “Lech – the source of Lechens”.

The new communication concept was created by the Bardzo agency. The spot was produced by Studio Filmowe OTO, while postproduction was taken care of by Televisor. Digital activities are coordinated by Cut the mustard. Cooperation with influencers and PR communication are the responsibility of Tailor Made PR. Media purchase was entrusted to Zenith.     

The spot is avaialble under the following link: