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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Lech Premium appreciates the importance of small gestures during the pandemic

At the beginning of May, Lech Premium launched a campaign referring to the situation Poles were forced into. With the use of a TV spot, the brand brings people’s attention to social behaviours present in times of pandemic and at the same time encourages everyone to support the Relief Fund of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Social distancing, enforced due by the coronavirus pandemic, influences the daily behaviours of Poles. In the light of the current situation, we become more responsible and think about others more than before. We discover kindness in ourselves, ready to do good for those in need. Wanting to be noble and do good deeds, we try to contribute to improving the current situation. However, considering the fact that our actions are very limited, many of us ask whether small gestures are in fact of great importance to others.    

Lech Premium (from Kompania Piwowarska) assures that the answer is yes. The brand deeply believes that even the smallest form of help supports the fight against the pandemic, and the attitude of Poles, who are ready to help others, is truly admirable. With the use of a 30-second advertising spot executed under the slogan “Lech. In the colour of hope”, the brand communicates that every good deed deserves praise. A small gesture might not change the whole world, but it surely can change the lives of those for whom the smallest, seemingly unobvious help is of great importance. Today everyone can be a hero, regardless of whether they provided hot meals for doctors or did the shopping for an older neighbour.

For those who want to be helpful, but do not know how, Lech has a practical idea – a meaningful gesture might be even a small donation for the Relief Fund of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which raises money to battle COVID-19.    

The author of the concept is the Bardzo agnecy. The spot was directed by Tomasz Knittel, executed by the Papaya Films production house. Image and sound postproduction was taken care of by the Televisor and Juice studios. The Cut The Mustard agency was entrusted with turning the campaign into digital, while Tailor Made PR was responsible for PR support. 

Link to the spot: