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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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This year, Lechends return to festivals in a completely different style! With all festival-goers missing festival vibes in mind, Lech Premium joins forces with Alkopoligamia responsible for the Albo Inaczej project and sets the rhythm for this year’s summer holidays. The result of this cooperation is Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej, activation featuring the top Polish music artists.

When summer seems to be unusually calm and Poles can only dream about outdoor festivals, Lech Premium continues to meet the needs of festival-goers and provide musical thrills. Together with the Alkopoligamia label responsible for the Albo Inaczej initiative, the brand presents an unusual project drawing from Polish music festivals, including those sponsored by Lech Premium (Pol’and’Rock Festival, Polish Hip-Hop Festival and FEST Festival). The new activity executed under the name Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej is a proposal for Lechends showing positive attitude, who know that even though this year festivals will change their format or otherwise will be cancelled, they can still provide the same thrills and emotions. 

10 artists, 5 covers and 1 vinyl record – that’s how Lech Music and Albo Inaczej will bring back summer memories and allow to relive the best music experiences. Festival lovers will finally realize that regardless of the situation, summer concert vibes can be felt everywhere, not just in front of the stage! Within the frame of the Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej project, popular artists decided to deliver their own interpretations of iconic songs by Polish rappers. To provide powerful musical experiences, the artists worked on summer hip-hop classics. Intertwining various styles, some of the vocalists leaned towards pop and alternative, while others went to the roots of punk and rock, attempting to combine two seemingly opposite worlds.

The first reinterpretation of a well-known classic will be released on July 20. The date marks the premiere of a new single with a video clip, executed together with an artist involved in the project. Who will that be? We will find out when the song makes its debut online! The remaining singles and vide clips will be published every week on Alkopoligamia Youtube channel and at until mid August.

But it is not the end of surprises! All the interpretations recorded by Poland’s top artists will be released in the form of a collector vinyl, which can already be pre-ordered in the Alkopoligamia store. Every Music Festiwale Inaczej record purchased translates into guaranteed support for the WOŚP foundation.

The sounds coming form the turn table will remind everyone about the energy coming from the live stage, and when we are able to see each other at concerts again, Lech will not forget to celebrate by organizing a unique music event! More info on the campaign will be announced soon at

The strategy, creation, digital activities, social media communication and cooperation with the artists were taken care of by the Cut The Mustard agency. Video production was executed by the Papaya Films production house. PR activities and cooperation with influencers was the responsibility of the Tailor Made PR agency. Media planning and purchase was entrusted to the Zenith media house.