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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Another stage of the Lech Music and Albo Inaczej campaign revealed! After an extremely well-received single by Natalia Przybysz covering the iconic “Studio, łóżka, scena” by Ten Typ Mes, it is time for Łąki Łan’s interpretation of “Bon Voyage” from the musical repertoire of a young rapper, Otsochodzi. This summer hit will allow everyone to feel the festival vibes in a slightly different way!

The new single released as part of Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej combines the funky energy of one-of-a-kind Łąki Łan and the characteristic style of Otsochodzi. The guitar, the synthesizers and the vocal of the group leader – Paprodziad take us away from the crowded city straight to the area of Pol’and’Rock Festival, where festival-goers take hundreds of steps every year. Even though this year the festival will not take place in its usual form, the most loyal fans will experience its true spirit at the World’s Most Beautiful House Party, dancing to the new version of “Bon Voyage”.

Bon Voyage sounds perfect when you feel that it is about time you politely left the crowded city or a boring party to stay away from television sets, divisions, exhaust fumes, tense atmosphere… Time to change your attitude. Let’s allow everyone to follow their own path! See you somewhere along the way, stay in touch! – that is how the singer of Łąki Łan sums up this musical interpretation.

The single promoting the Albo Inaczej - Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej vinyl is accompanied by a video clip, which emphasizes the sunny atmosphere of the song. Music, fun and positive emotions are the elements that have been attracting Poles and the Lech Premium brand to Pol'and'Rock Festival for years. And that is exactly the picture of the festival painted in the premiere video for the “Bon Voyage” cover. It was created with the use of archive footage, as well as photos and videos sent by the festival-goers.

The single is already available on Alkopoligamia‘s channel, Spotify Albo Inaczej and at The video clip can be watched in full at Alkopoligamia’s YouTube and the official Lech website. Listen to “Bon Voyage” and bring back memories of the World’s Most Beautiful Festival – while waiting for the release of another song (August 3)!       


Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej is a new way to deliver festival thrills in the times without any festivals. Executed in cooperation with the Alkopoligamia label, responsible for the Albo Inaczej concept, this musical project draws from Polish music festivals sponsored by Lech Premium (Pol’and’Rock Festival, Polish Hip-Hop Festival and FEST Festival). The latest activation of the Lech Premium brand (Kompania Piwowarska) features 10 Polish artists, five of which worked on summer hip-hop classics, preparing their own surprising interpretations. Intertwining various styles, some of the vocalists leaned towards pop and alternative, while others went to the roots of punk and rock, in order to deliver powerful musical experiences.

The 5 new songs, which will allow festival lovers to recapture summer memories, have been published every week since July 20 on Alkopoligamia‘s YouTube channel, Albo Inaczej’s Spotify and at The names of the musicians involved in the project are released along with the singles and video clips, which bring typical concert madness to mind. All the covers recorded by Poland’s top artists will be released in the form of a collector vinyl, which can already be pre-ordered in the Alkopoligamia store. Every Albo inaczej - Lech Music Festiwale Inacze record purchased translates into guaranteed support for the WOŚP foundation. Additionally, as part of the Lech Music Festiwale Inaczej project, the brand will organize a unique concert. More info on the campaign will be announced soon at