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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich


    Lech Free, the leader of the non-alcoholic beer market, who supports sports initiatives and events such as Runmageddon, now conquers the esport segment. In cooperation with the Ambassadors - Damian Janikowski, Kasia Szklarczyk, Izu Ugonoh and Natalia Tober - the brand enters the world of gaming, because Lechends can do anything! 

    The esports market in Poland and around the world has been growing dynamically for a few years now. Based on the report titled “The game industry of Poland — Report 2020”, it is estimated that there are already 16 million users involved in gaming across Poland. It is becoming one of the most popular ways of spending free time, among both teenagers and adults. To respond to this growing trend, Lech Free from Kompania Piwowarska has entered a partnership with Polska Liga Esportowa (Polish Esports League), becoming the official partner for the PGE Dywizja Mistrzowska event. The goal of this cooperation is to prove that these two seemingly different worlds have a lot in common. They both require many hours of preparation, training and open-mindedness, and the role of the brand is to provide refreshment after completed activity, not only physical.      

    The partnership is promoted with five episodes featuring influencers competing against each other in unusual duels called: Clash of Lechends. The main characters are the above-mentioned Lech Free Ambassadors and Polska Liga Sportowa athletes: Sebastian NEEX Trela, Daniel Stomp Płomiński, Jacek Minise Jeziak and Mikołaj Mouz Karolewski. In every competition, the paired influencers have to collect as many points as possible in two categories: sport and gaming, while exchanging experiences from their respective fields of interest. In the first episode, we will see Damian Janikowski taking an accuracy and reflex test in the CS: GO game and Stomp (gamer) trying to throw the bronze Olympic medallist on the mat, and then do a spin back kick. The host of the program executed within the framework of the cooperation is Wojciech ŁOZO Łozowski, Afromental singer, actor and presenter, and fan of gaming and streamer in private life.

    The first episode of Clash of Lechends is available at:

    How did athletes, who had never had a chance to try their hand at gaming before, take on that challenge? – I had no idea that this kind of sport could be so time-consuming and require so much commitment. Prior to tournaments, professional gamers mainly train their muscle memory and eye-hand coordination to increase the reaction speed and precision. Esport is a strategic discipline, therefore next to the ability to play, what really matters is the mental approach. Your “head” is one of the most important winning factors in sport as well as many other areas - summed up Damian Janikowski. 

    The authors of the project are: Polska Liga Esportowa and Lech Free. Video content was produced by High Spot. Additionally, to execute the Clash of Lechends series Lech Free hired: Tailor Made PR – cooperation with influencers and media communication, Cut the Mustard – digital and social media activities, and Zenith – media buying and planning.