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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Lech Free 0.0% – you too show that #youcandoanything (#możeszwszystko)

Young Poles are more and more eager to be fit: they change their diet, read labels while shopping, and exercise regularly. However, some stereotypes die hard, such as the one that physically active people should give up beer. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this year’s campaign, Lech Free shows that with alcohol free beer there’s no need to compromise – you can simultaneously enjoy the taste of beer and continue training.

The fact that Lech Free allows you to “do anything” has already been promoted in TV spots and a gym campaign. Now it is time for large scale digital activities executed in social media and other channels.

At the end of June, a unique group called #youcandoanything (#możeszwszystko) was launched. – It is a place for those who love physical activity in any form, both amateurs and professionals. There, you can meet influencers working with the brand, who provide a fresh dose of inspiration and share training tips within the scope of different sports they do. At the same time, they show that leading a healthy lifestyle does not require giving up pleasures such as beer – says Karolina Hasińska, representative of the Lech Free brand.

Within the first weeks of its activity, the group has gained over 3 thousand members. Thanks to their engagement, it turned into a platform for sharing experiences, celebrating individual successes, and above all – a place that provides inspiration for sporting challenges. Besides Lech Free, active lifestyle is being promoted there by Julita Kotecka-Nerek and Paweł Nerek – experienced personal trainers who are responsible for the factual side of the group. Thanks to their knowledge, professionalism and energy, the #youcandoanything community can count on tips regarding proper exercising techniques as well as advice within the scope of physiotherapy, diet and supplements.

Theory will be followed by practice, which means sporting challenges and group outdoor training sessions organized by the members with the help of engaged influencers. To secure a spot for a chosen training, one must complete one of the tasks posted in the #youcandoanything group. Under the watchful eye of professional trainers, including Łukasz Oskierka (running) and Tomasz Kowalski (triathlon), as well as group supervisors – Julita and Paweł – the participants will be able to improve their technique and running endurance, learn new exercises requiring special equipment, learn how to avoid injuries and prepare for their first marathon.

Form the very beginning, Lech Free’s campaign was supported by influencers known for their love for physical activity: actor Jakub Wesołowski, TV host Maciej Dowbor and their coaches. They will also be joined by Adam Kszczot – World and European Champion in men’s 800m, Izu Ugonoh – one of Poland’s best heavyweight boxers and Henryk Szost – Polish marathon record holder. Using their social media channels, they prove that after a successful training session, sport and alcohol free beer can go hand in hand.

All PR activities, cooperation with influencers and group administration were taken care of by the Tailor Made PR agency. Digital activities are being carried out by the Cut The Mustard agency. Media purchase and planning is the responsibility of the Zenith media house, while the TV spot was prepared by the GPD agency.          

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