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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Lech Free 0.0% winner of the Golden Receipt! Tyskie Gronie with a distinction

Already for the 9th time awards were presented in the “Golden Receipt – Polish Merchants’ Award” competition. The first place in the category of non-alcoholic beers was taken by Lech Free 0.0%, while Tyskie Gronie received a distinction in the category of lagers. This prestigious competition is one of the top periodic events of the Polish FMCG industry.

The prestigious “Golden Receipt – Polish Merchants’ Award” statuettes were awarded during a grand Gala at Teatr Kamienica in Warsaw on 23 March 2019. Already for the ninth time, thanks to the readers of the Hurt & Detal monthly who took part in a special vote, the editorial team presented products which in a special way influenced the development of the retail trade in Poland last year, and awarded those which, in their opinion, stood out as the most competitive ones on the market. More than 430 products in 65 categories were submitted to the competition.

One of the winners was Lech Free 0.0%, which was found to be the best product in the non-alcoholic beer category. This is a perfect offer for those who love beer bitterness, and for various reasons, like active lifestyle, give up alcohol. Thanks to the 0.0% recipe one can enjoy its full beer flavor whenever one feels like it.

Among 130 products which were given distinctions in the competition is Tyskie Gronie, which was recognized in the category of lagers. Tyskie Gronie is the icon of the Polish lager, for years one of Poles’ favorite beers and the most democratic of all beer styles. All of this makes consumers so keen to drink “The Gold of Tychy”, making it very attractive for retailers and pub owners as well.

The competition is organized by the Hurt & Detal monthly – one of the most influential magazines in the FMCG press, with nationwide coverage. The competition takes place every year. The “Golden Recipe” is a token of recognition awarded by owners and managers of grocery and convenience stores from all of Poland, readers of the Hurt & Detal magazine. The competition promotes those products and services that have a particular impact on the development of retail trade in Poland, and bring the highest income to the merchants.