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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

LECH FREE 0.0% launches new edition of „LECHENDS CAN DO ANYTHING” campaign

A horse in a gym bag? A bicycle that easily fits into a sports bag? All that is only possible in the world of Lech Free 0.0%. In the latest humoristic spot, the brand proves that thanks to Lech Free 0.0% it is possible to combine 100% beer taste and refreshment with an active lifestyle. 

Released within the framework of the “Lechends Can Do Anything” (Lechendy mogą wszystko) platform, the new commercial has been broadcast on TV from March 8. Obviously, it features the irreplaceable bard character, which has been appearing in all Lech spots since last year. The characteristic Le Le Le Le will once again be on the lips of everyone, especially those who remain active, but at the same time refuse to give up what is really important for them – their favourite beer. That is exactly who this new ad is addressed to. Just like in case of the previous creations, in the latest spot, the bard jokingly points out that physical activity and beer are not exclusive. Football practice, bike trip, horseback riding or gaming do not mean that one has to give up the taste of their favourite beer! The solution is non-alcoholic Lech Free.

The concept of the new spot was developed by the Bardzo agency, and it was produced by the OTO Film production house. Medial planning and buying was taken care of by the Zenith media house, while digital activities are executed by the Cut the Mustard agency. The Tailor Made PR agency is responsible for cooperation with influencers and PR communication.