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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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League of Helping Champions 2019

Over 20 teams from all over Poland, high emotions and an equally big surprise on the podium. For the first time in the history of the Tyskie Cup tournament gold went to the team from Lublin, which won in penalty kicks with the tournament favorite – the team from Tychy. 

While scoring goals in these competitions was important, it was not the most important thing. All three final teams dedicated their game to selected NGOs and gave them financial support. Each of the NGOs received PLN 5000 from corporate funds. The winning team, Lublin is Cool, decided to donate the winnings to the Fuga Mundi organization from Lublin, which provides aid to the disabled. No Name Tychy dedicated its game to Świetlikowo Hospice of Tychy. District Warsaw decided to support Fastryga Foundation, which helps people with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). 

The best goalkeeper of Tyskie Cup 2019 was Marek Hołdowicz (No Name Tychy), top scorer was Martin Strach (District Gdańsk), and the best footballer – Bartłomiej Kapturski (Lublin is Cool). The tournament’s best players, as befits football players, as a reward will be able to go together to the game Poland vs. Macedonia at the PGE National Stadium. 

During the breaks between matches, players could use the chill zone, sports massages, or play teqball. They also had an opportunity to meet the football legend, Artur Wichniarek, top scorer of second Bundesliga, a former representative of Poland and now an expert for Polsat Sport. Arthur provided colorful coverage during the exciting finale of the tournament. Despite great emotions, the players followed the rules of fair play. A noble game supported a noble cause.

Next year we will have a commemorative tenth edition of Tyskie Cup “We play and help”. Who will win the Jubilee Golden Cup? We’ll see about that in 12 months.