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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Książęce Beer Academy and the Czech Serving Academy – masters of beer culture announced!

On 9 and 10 December 2019, in Warsaw, took place the finals of Książęce Beer Academy and the Czech Serving Academy – training programs for on-trade outlets organized by Kompania Piwowarska. The Master of Czech Ways of Serving went to the restaurant Ceška from Wrocław, while the outlet Zakąski i Napitki from Busko-Zdrój proved to know the most about Książęce.

For years Kompania Piwowarska has been using its premium brands to promote beer culture in the on-trade. Książęce Beer Academy, whose participants learn about the specifics of the specialty collection, ways of serving, and rules of pairing beer with food, has just completed its third edition. The Czech Serving Academy, on the other hand, is a project focusing on the beer culture of our southern neighbors. For 8 years it has been dedicated only to Pilsner Urquell brand, but this year, under a new name, it also embraced Kozel beer. Since the beginning of both programs, over 2000 people have learned the secrets of serving beer the Czech style, while nearly 1200 waiters and bartenders have taken part in Książęce’s workshops.

– Through professional training we intend to continuously expand the competences of staff working at pubs, clubs, and restaurants serving our beers. Thanks to our Academies people working in the trade can expand their skills and broaden beer knowledge, benefiting both the outlet itself and its patrons. We, on the other hand, are sure that beer is in good hands – says Adam Samorek, Kompania Piwowarska Trade Marketing Director.

A total of 15 contestants, of which 11 were women, competed in the finals of Książęce Beer Academy. They had to show beer knowledge, especially on the specialty collection, and ability to identify variants during blind tests. This part of the competition was conducted by Maciej Chołdrych, a beer aficionado and sensory expert, while Jakub Wolski, a chef and Hell’s Kitchen semifinalist, was in charge of the food pairing competition. The competition was so fierce that a run-off was needed, in which three women pitted against one other. The top of the podium was taken by Joanna Bławat from the restaurant Zakąski i Napitki in Busko-Zdrój. As the main prize she received PLN 5000 and training for all restaurant staff. The second and third places were awarded with prizes of, respectively, PLN 2000 and PLN 1500.

– This was the best ever edition of Książęce Beer Academy. Participants presented a very high level, which could be seen both in the knowledge test, and during quite difficult blind tests. So many representatives of the fair sex in our competition is something new and a definitely positive trend, as it shows that beer culture in Poland has also a feminine side  – commented Maciej Chołdrych.

A day later, in the Czech Serving Academy finals, the proportions were slightly different, with 6 women among 14 participants. What counted at that stage were mainly practical skills, as it consisted of a Czech serving competition, self-presentation (proving to be the biggest challenge for the finalists) and sensory tests in which one had to find faults in beer. The master in Czech serving turned out to be Piotr Kirszanek from Wrocław based Ceška restaurant. The first, second, and third places were rewarded with, respectively, PLN 5000, 2500, and 1000, as well as invitations to the prestigious Brewery Tapster training in Plzen.

– They say that a brewmaster brews beer, but it is the bartender who creates it – that is why quality is always the most important thing for us. Every year the training process ends in finals when we fish out top talents. This year’s top three contestants will go to Plzen where they will become our ambassadors, guardians of quality – explains Sławomir Fridel, Pilsner Urquell Ambassador at Kompania Piwowarska.