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Kompania Piwowarska

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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Kompania Piwowarska with the 2017 Ethical Company title

    Kompania Piwowarska was the only representative of the food and beverage industry to receive the 2017 Ethical Company title at the competition organized by the “Puls Biznesu” daily. Thus it joined the group of 26 companies which – according to the organizers – last year undertook the most complex and systemic activities aimed at building and strengthening organizational structure based on ethics and a value system.

    This year’s edition was the fourth one in the history of the Ethical Company competition. With the use of this event, the “Puls Biznesu” daily has been promoting and strengthening the principles of ethical business among Polish companies and honouring the best market practices since 2015. As a result, during each of the previous editions the Ethical Company title was awarded to 15 firms, while this year to as many as 26. Nine of them take part in the competition on a regular basis and because of that they now deserved to be named 2017 Super Ethical Companies. Kompania Piwowarska made its debut with the Ethical Company title in the category for large corporations. What’s worth mentioning is the fact that during this edition – dominated by the financial, insurance and logistics industry – KP was the only representative of the food and beverage sector.

    - Ethical matters are of the utmost importance in our company and high standards within that area have been a part of Kompania Piwowarska’s organizational culture for a long time. Moreover, we keep improving our activity in order to ensure development of our company as the corporate social responsibility leader – said Andrew Highcock, President of the Management Board at Kompania Piwowarska when receiving the diploma at the gala. – I’m very happy that our long-term activities were appreciated by the competition jury. They encompass an employee training system within the scope of the Code of Ethics as well as a multichannel system of reporting violations and work organization of the Ethics Committee composed of our top management – he added.

    The Ethical Company competition is organized by the “Puls Biznesu” daily under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. It is open to all Polish companies regardless of their employment level, type of business, share capital or generated income. Supported by its content partner PwC, the organizer evaluated participating companies in the following categories: ethics management programme structure; employee responsibility within the frame of the ethics management programme; top management supervision over the ethics management programme; system of reporting irregularities and verification of submissions; trainings and communication, corporate order; reputation; leadership; abuse risk management.

    Within latest edition of the competition, besides Kompania Piwowarska, the following companies earned the “Ethical Company” title:

    • “Small and Average Companies” category: Gerda Hydomat, KTD, P.U.-H. Kolbud, SATURN TFI,
    • “Large Companies” category: AbbVie Polska, Bank Zachodni WBK, CMC Markets UK S.A. - Polish Branch, Saint-Gobain Group in Poland, ING Bank Śląski, PKO Bank Polski, KRUK, Nationale-Nederlanden, Provident Polska, Pramerica Życie TUiR, PZU, Schenker.

    The “Super Ethical Company” title was awarded to: ANG Spółdzielnia, Bama Logistics, CEMEX Polska, Citi Handlowy, Grupa Raben, Janssen-Cilag Polska, Johnson & Johnson Poland, PCC Exol, Siemens.

    Additionally, AbbVie Polska was the recipient of the Special Award by PwC Polska.