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    Kompania Piwowarska’s ten good practices featured in Responsible Business Forum’s 21st report Kompania Piwowarska’s ten good practices featured in Responsible Business Forum’s 21st report

    Kompania Piwowarska’s ten good practices featured in Responsible Business Forum’s 21st report

    Poland’s biggest review of ESG, CSR and sustainability practices titled “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” recognized ten practices applied at Kompania Piwowarska, including activities related to consumer education, environmental protection and supporting Ukraine as well as those concerning social engagement and initiatives for employees. The leader of the beer industry was also awarded the strategic partner distinction for 15 years of cooperation with RBF aimed at popularizing CSR in Poland.

    The last few years have brought numerous challenges for all of us, but despite that we always do our best to remember about others – we support our employees and help those most in need, for example the citizens of Ukraine last year. We care about the environment and take responsibility for our actions. The recognition of our diverse good practices and 15 years of cooperation with RBF in relation to sustainability is a valuable guidepost for us, reassuring us that our approach makes sense and can inspire others. What is also uplifting is the fact that so many businesses become more and more aware in terms of sustainability, which is reflected in the number of submissions this year – says Grzegorz Adamski, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

    Within the area of „Human Rights”, the company was recognized for helping Ukraine – Kompania Piwowarska set up a special fund in the amount of PLN 1 m for direct and indirect aid for organizations operating in Ukraine. Another achievement noticed by RBF is reaching the highest maturity level in the area of Diversity & Inclusion according to the LEAD Network methodology.

    Recognition in the “Environment” category was given to a series of ecological webinars for employees named “How Are You, Planet?”, the “Single Source” project within the framework of which reorganization of truck transportation between Kompania Piwowarska and the Eurocash Group facilitated reduction of CO2 emissions, and the Żubr Fund which has been helping save endangered bird and mammal species across Poland, allocating PLN 1 m to this goal on an annual basis.

    The report also recognized two social campaigns conducted by the company to promote responsible alcohol consumption: “FASOFF” – intended for pregnant women and their surroundings (“Social Engagement and Development of Local Communities” and “Alcohol and Car – That Doesn’t Rhyme” aimed at drivers (“Consumer Issues”.

    Kompania Piwowarska’s corporate volunteering activities were also recognized in the “Labour Practices” category, as many of its employees get involved in various volunteering campaigns, including the biggest one executed in cooperation with the Wiosna Association – “The Noble Gift”, as well as the “Bet on Move” program motivating employees to exercise for charity and the “Clean Up the World” action executed together with the Nasza Ziemia Foundation. Kompania Piwowarska conducts its business operations with one goal in mind – Creating Meaningful Connections. Therefore, whenever possible, the company joins forces with other organizations that declare similar values. That way its engagement translates into more positive impact on its surroundings. More about Kompania Piwowarska’s projects: CSR - Kompania Piwowarska (kp.pl)

    The 21st edition of the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report saw a record-breaking number of entries – over 1,700 good practices (1,677 in the previous edition) submitted by 272 companies. The highest number of submissions – 477 – referred to Social Engagement and Development of Local Communities, 419 to Labour Practices, 360 to Environment. 282 practices were qualified for the Human Rights category, which constituted the highest, nearly triple growth. There were two new subcategories introduced this year: “Climate” in the Environment area and “Help for Ukraine” in the Human Rights area. The report was published on April 17. The Responsible Business Forum is the biggest and longest operating CSR and ESG organization in Poland. It has been publishing the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report for 21 years now. It contains the best activities of companies which submitted their CRS practices and sums up the most important issues regarding responsible business in Poland in a particular year. The report is available exclusively in an electronic version: https://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/publikacje/raport-2022/


    Published: 18.04.2023