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Kompania Piwowarska receives a distinction in the “Eco-responsible in business” competition for its efficient energy use

Running a business in a sustainable way, while taking care of the environment and its natural resources, earned Kompania Piwowarska a distinction at this year’s eight edition of the “Eco-responsible in business” competition. The jury appreciated the solutions implemented by the company in order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The award was handed over during the celebratory gala accompanying the 22nd Envicon Environment Congress.

For a few years now, companies for which the environment is equally important as any business aspects and which introduce innovative solutions within the scope of environmental protection have been able to fight for a chance to be named “Eco-responsible in business”. The title is awarded as part of a competition accompanying one of Poland’s biggest events dedicated to ecology and sustainable development – International Environmental Protection Congress Envicon Environment. The 22nd edition brought Kompania Piwowarska a distinction for its numerous initiatives aimed at the improvement of energy efficiency. Their effectiveness is proven by the fact that last year KP received a certificate for implementation of an Energy Management System in line with the ISO norm.

Eco-friendly energy

Reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is one of the key aspects of Kompania Piwowarska’s CRS strategy.

- Our breweries implement increasingly innovative and eco-friendly technologies, use renewable sources of energy, exchange the lighting and equipment to more energy efficient models. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, the energy we managed to save last year would be enough to cover annual energy demand of 2,300 households – says Iwona Jacaszek-Pruś, Corporate Affairs Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

In 2017, as part of optimization of processes influencing natural environment, Kompania Piwowarska bought less energy-intensive devices, among other things. 99.8% of new fridges used in shops for cooling KP beers are free from the HFC refrigerant, which is gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. In the biggest one of its breweries, Tyskie Browary Książęce, the company combines traditional energy sources with renewable ones in the form of biogas, generating significantly less emissions compared to black coal or fuel oil. Reduction of energy consumption is also influenced by the ideas of the employees. Thanks to their suggestions, last year all social rooms were equipped with motion sensors that turn the lights off, while palette wrapping machines had switches turning heaters off installed in them for the time the line is not working.

Reduced energy consumption means less carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. Thanks to consistently implemented energy-saving solutions, within the last five years Kompania Piwowarska managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by over 18%.

Saving for a better future  

Kompania Piwowarska tries to minimize its environmental footprint not only by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The company achieves excellent results also when it comes to water management. Thanks to many years of efforts in that field, KP can show off with one of the best water use indicators in the world, which is 2.63 hl of water used for production of 1 hl of beer. Over one decade, Kompania Piwowarska managed to improve the result by 1 hl of water per 1 hl of beer.

Another example of the company’s engagement in protecting the environment is its consistent reduction of produced waste and increase in the level of recovery. In 2017, Kompania Piwowarska recycled as may as 98% of waste and by-products. The company invests in returnable packages, which are more eco-friendly than the single-use ones. Currently 53% of packages Kompania Piwowarska’s beers are sold in are returnable.

The company’s pro-ecological activities go hand in hand with initiatives aimed at building eco awareness among consumers. One of them is the Eco Zone that has been present at the Woodstock Festival Poland – currently Pol’And’Rock Festival – for years, encouraging to participants to selective collection of waste. Last year, Kompania Piwowarska’s educational campaign “Be Smart” had its eco version with bloggers encouraging people to segregate waste and thus protect the environment.