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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
    Kompania Piwowarska optimizes its supply chain in cooperation with CHEP Kompania Piwowarska optimizes its supply chain in cooperation with CHEP

    Kompania Piwowarska optimizes its supply chain in cooperation with CHEP

    The cooperation between Kompania Piwowarska and CHEP, offering comprehensive logistics services, is an example of efficient adaptation to the rapidly changing market conditions in the times of the pandemic crisis.  

    Warsaw, May 17, 2022 – The brewing industry is currently facing many new challenges, including those resulting from the long-terms consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Repeated lockdowns, excise increases, sugar tax for non-alcoholic beers, growing prices of raw materials and energy are the key factors motivating companies to look for new solutions, beneficial for the business. The axis of the cooperation between Kompania Piwowarska and CHEP are pioneer solutions in terms of sustainable pallet management. Applying the sustainable “Share and Reuse” model, both companies effectively respond to the problems with carrier availability and their prices in the marketplace, simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of their businesses.

    –  In difficult times, such as the post-pandemic crisis, it is much easier to notice what a critical role stable, smooth and timely deliveries of raw materials and packaging play – says Ewa Rutkowska, Operational Planning Manager at Kompania Piwowarska. – By renting pallets from CHEP, we make a rational choice to use an existing pool of pallets, which is especially important in the context of carrier deficits on the market and their high price – she adds. 

    – We perfectly understand that companies are required to meet the growing consumer demand faster, easier and cheaper, while simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment. To be able to do that, above all, we need tighter cooperation and communication between customers, carriers, warehouse management companies and sales networks. Second of all, the right business scale and extensive logistics resources allow to quickly react to potential market changes and, if necessary, execute deliveries from alternative locations – says Łukasz Faltynowski, Customer Service Manager, European Accounts at CHEP. 

    CHEP has a network of 8 service centres across Poland and the biggest pallet pool for rent on the market – there are over 160 m of them in European circulation at the moment. – With our logistics resources, we are able to help provide the required number of pallets in the right time, to the right places, ensuring timely deliveries of our partners’ products – he continues.   

    The cooperation between Kompania Piwowarska and CHEP also means real numbers, which show that closing the circulation of reusable pallets translates into the reduction of business carbon footprint. Over the last 12 months, both companies have managed to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 366 tons, reduce the production of waste by 43 tons, and save over 2 thousand trees that would otherwise be needed to build new pallets.

    – The foundation of building a strategic partnership between Kompania Piwowarska and CHEP is full compliance in terms of our values. Business development and environmental protection can be naturally harmonized, because by closing the circulation and reducing waste as a result of pallet pooling, we build a platform for a more efficient business and support our planet – sums up Ewa Rutkowska.

    Published: 17.05.2022