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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Kompania Piwowarska honoured with “Safe Fleet” award for its comprehensive activities aimed at improvement of road safety

Kompania Piwowarska was named the Most Engaged Company in Drivers Education, a prestigious title awarded by the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (PVRLA) and the representatives of the fleet industry. The jury of the 11th PVRLA Awards Gala appreciated Kompania Piwowarska’s approach to maintaining road safety and the company’s consistency in educating its employees within the “Aware KP Driver” programme launched in 2013.

Currently, PVRLA’s awards constitute one of the most prestigious distinctions on the fleet market in Poland. They are awarded in 5 categories: Most Engaged Company in Drivers Education (Safe Fleet Award), Most Environment-Friendly Fleet (Eco Fleet Award), Best Mechanical Repair Service (Inflictor Award), Best Repair Service for Body Paints (Protector Award) and Fleet Industry Most Friendly Car Dealer (Contractor Award). This year, the first award from the list – “Safe Fleet” – was handed over to Kompania Piwowarska. Its educational activities in terms of road safety organized for the employees using company fleet were recognized as a perfect example of initiatives of that kind undertaken by Polish companies.      

Economically, eco-consciously and safely behind the wheel

Consistently, long-term and on a large scale – that’s Kompania Piwowarska’s approach to education in terms of road safety, which the jury consisting of PVRLA’s representatives, Road Safety Partnership experts and companies that were awarded by PVRLA in the past considered worthy of the distinction. For over 5 years, KP in cooperation with SAFETY LOGIC has been executing the “Aware KP Driver” programme, which includes all users of company cars, even board members. With lectures and practical workshops supported by e-learning, the participants learn how to take care of road safety, what to do in case of an accident or how to save fuel and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Every lesson delivers the key social responsibility message promoted by KP and the whole brewing industry – driving after even the smallest amount of alcohol is forbidden.

What’s worth emphasizing is the fact that the “Aware KP Driver” programme is aimed not only at company car drivers. We believe that every single one of our employees is a road user. For that reason, we are eager to share our knowledge. We publish information on how to drive safely and eco-consciously in our company magazine and internal social media platform, and organize exhibitions and meetings with experts – says Jarek Szymankiewicz, Treasury Manager at Kompania Piwowarska. – The safety culture we are building that way inspires sustainable, positive changes in the behaviour of our employees, which pay off not only at work, but also “after hours” – he adds.

From the moment of the programme launch, KP has already executed 4,200 training courses, including almost 950 focused on eco driving, nearly 900 focused on eco driving with elements of first aid, over 770 dedicated to the ability to recognize own deficits in life-threatening situations executed on skid ramps, over 870 e-learning courses on inattention behind the wheel, and 750 workshops on broadly defined road safety.

Good habits that pay off

Thanks to its inventive and engaging approach to road safety, the “Aware KP Driver” brought numerous benefits to the company.

Above all, the programme made company car users more sensitive about road safety matters and contributed to building good habits that translate into the improvement of safety and comfort at work. Reduction in the number of motor insurance claims is not the only benefit of the programme, but it sure is the most important one – says Katarzyna Orłowicz-Grzymkowska, Fleet Manager at Kompania Piwowarska managing a fleet of over 900 passenger cars.

The “Safe Fleet” award is not the first distinction received by the “Aware KP Driver” programme. In 2016, the initiative and its impact on road safety were appreciated by the jury of the Road Safety Partner competition and Kompania Piwowarska was named the Company of the Year 2016. The same year, during the 9th PVRLA Awards Gala, KP received the “Eco Fleet” award in the Most Environment-Friendly Fleet category, while in 2014 it earned the Fleet Leader distinction for implementation of a programme aimed at comprehensive improvement of safety of its drivers and reduction of CO2 emissions.