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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Kompania Piwowarska helps the HoReCa sector survive during the epidemic

In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, Kompania Piwowarska will support 9 thousand gastronomic outlets, by reclaiming, at its own expense, the unsold draught beer worth no less than 5.6 m zloty and extending payment periods. Moreover, the producer continues to provide free, professional installation services for draught beer in order to prepare it for the venue reopening date.

The current situation has a negative impact on many companies and influences every industry. However, for some the consequences are more serious than for others. One of the most severely affected sectors is HoReCa – all mass events have been cancelled and owners were forced to close their gastronomic venues practically overnight, which left them with unsold supplies. For that reason, Kompania Piwowarska has already taken some steps to support Polish gastronomy in reducing the significant losses suffered due to shutting down hotels, bars, cafes, restaurant, nightclubs and pubs.

After food, beer is the second product category in terms of value for tens of thousands of outlets in Poland – there are no pubs or restaurants without beer – it is a very important part of the turnover. We hope that the support we offer to the owners of gastronomic venues will help them survive the most demanding times, reduce their burdens, and retain employees, at least partially. We are also working on additional activities aimed at supporting Polish gastronomy, because we deeply care about our social and business surroundings – says Piotr Tomala, Gastronomy Development Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

As a result of the restrictions enforced by the authorities in order to reduce the risk of further coronavirus spread, countless venues were left with a lot of products that cannot be sold for takeout or delivery, including beer. With that in mind, Kompania Piwowarska has decided that all beer kegs that were already in use when the outlets were forced to shut down, as well as all those containing beer that is nearly expired or expires in June, will be reclaimed by the producer when the venues reopen. This also applies to the tank venues. The pickups will be combined with deliveries of fresh beverage, ready to be served. The company estimates that the value of the fresh beer provided by the producer will amount to no less than 5.6 m zloty. Additionally, the company extends the payment periods for its partners, who then will be able to do the same for the outlets, thus improving their financial fluency.

Despite the fact that gastronomy venues are currently closed, Kompania Piwowarska still takes care of the qualitative condition of draught beer installations. Therefore, they are being consistently serviced to protect them in terms of hygiene and prepare to be safely relaunched and reconnected to kegs with fresh beer the same day the gastronomy reopens.

As a company sensitive to the needs of its surroundings, Kompania Piwowarska uses its best efforts to provide real support also for other sectors, including the national heath service. So far, the company has donated 160 thousand zloty to the hospitals treating people with the coronavirus nearby its breweries in Tychy, Poznań and Białystok. Lech Pils – the main sponsor of the Lech Poznań football club – has supported the initiative of the club fans, the goal of which is to provide hospitals and medical facilities in the Wielkopolska region with necessary materials. Whereas Lech Premium – the main sponsor of the Pol’and’Rock Festival and long-time partner of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – has made a donation for the Charity’s coronavirus intervention fund in the amount of 500 thousand zloty.