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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

Kompania Piwowarska for the Noble Box – Christmas support for those in need!

Kompania Piwowarska has gotten involved in the Noble Box (Szlachetna Paczka) and the Weekend of Miracles (Weekend Cudów) already for the fifth time – on December 12-13, it helped families most in need and lonely people. For the 54 company leaders and their teams – 1,570 volunteers across Poland – it was a special time, during which they have prepared 953 packages of the total value of PLN 225,000. 

It was the fifth year in a row that Kompania Piwowarska has gotten involved in the Noble Box. This time, the company volunteers donated food, cleaning products, washing machines, computers, and clothing, among other things.

This year, for example, we helped a seriously ill single father of two school-aged children, who cannot afford to buy laptops for remote education, which during this difficult time are necessary to study. That is why we are happy that we could not only make someone’s dreams come true, but also fulfil a fundamental, in this pandemic time, educational needsays Wiktor Więckowski, Kompania Piwowarska’s leader from Rzeszów. – I must add that I also once received significant help, so I know the importance of a simple human gesture – emphasizes Wiktor.

The Noble Box is the biggest corporate volunteering project at Kompania Piwowarska. Despite the unambiguous name of the project, it is not only about packages or material gifts, although these often are essential products. The main goal of this initiative is to provide a boost of energy and positive emotions to help struggling people get back on their feet and trigger changes in their lives. And even though this year has been difficult for all of us, we had a lot of volunteers. The Noble Box is not our only activity. We also support other organizations and initiatives, because it gives us wings – adds Małgorzata Walędzińska-Półtorak, Sustainable Development Programme at Kompania Piwowarska. 

The employees of Kompania Piwowarska are people with big hearts, who eagerly and with true commitment offer help for others – the company has its own corporate volunteering programme, Kompania of Volunteers. Thanks to this programme, the volunteering community, which constitutes 65 percent of employees, helps local communities and organizations, such as the WIOSNA Association, through various initiatives, while Kompania Piwowarska provides financial and organizational support. And for example, within the “Bet on Exercise” programme, the employees “collect” kilometres covered while doing different sports, which are then exchanged into financial help for organizations supporting people in need. The beer producer also supports numerous smaller local projects, e.g. the Women’s Rights Centre in Gdańsk or the Urban Shelter in Tychy.

Kompania Piwowarska supported the Noble Box for the very first time in 2016. Over the five editions, the company managed to prepare nearly 5,000 packages of the total value of over PLN 1.1 m for 300 families, including poor, disabled, elderly and lonely people. This year, over 1,570 volunteers got involved, who together with 54 leaders prepared 953 packages, thus donating PLN 225,000 to this initiative.

The Noble Box is a Polish nation-wide social project launched in 2001 and organized by the WIOSNA Association. Its main goal is to provide material and mental support for people in a difficult life situation. The Noble Box is one of the most recognizable social projects in Poland. Contrary to appearances, it does not prepare packages. It is based on working with Philanthropists and Volunteers, and it’s them who help families in need. The Volunteers look for families and work with them. The Philanthropists prepare dedicated help, thanks to which a specific person helps a specific person.