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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

    Kompania Piwowarska and its two brands recognized at the KTR competition

    During the KTR and Innovation 2021 gala, the campaigns of Kompania Piwowarska’s two brands: Tyskie and Żubr received as many as 11 awards in total. The leader of the Polish beer industry was named the Advertiser of the Year. 

    In recognition for the expansion of the Biebrza National Park, Żubr’s Fund received 4 swords – 1 gold in the Communication of the Year category, beating 70 other nominated campaigns, 2 gold swords in the PR Communication category and 1 bronze in the Strategic Communication category. Awarded for the “Najman i Stanowski przechodzą na Ty” as well as Newsweek and Sieci initiatives, Tyskie collected 7 swords in total – 2 gold ones, 3 silver ones and 2 bronze ones. Kompania Piwowarska was named the Advertiser of the Year.

    – These awards prove that the activities of our brands are unique and rightful. Żubr protects the forest at all times and continues to save and protect nature, while Tyskie ensures positive relationships regardless of beliefs. We are glad that these efforts are appreciated not only by consumers, but also the entire industry. KTR is an important competition for us, because we know that the Return On Idea (ROI) is really unappreciated these days – commented Tycjan Lewandowski, Tyskie and Żubr Brand Director.  

    During the KTR and Innovation 2021 gala, 164 awards were handed over: 34 gold ones, 57 silver ones and 73 bronze ones. 53 of them were awarded in the Innovation competition, including 7 gold ones, 19 silver ones and 27 bronze ones.

    The KTR competition recognizes creativity, creative boldness, vivid communication, convention-breaking ideas and timeliness of used tools, media and topics. The best works are selected in four main categories: Communication, Design, Technology and Craft. 

    This year’s winners were announced on November 26, 2021.