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    Kanał Sportowy switches to TY

    The Tyskie brand has started permanent cooperation with Kanał Sportowy – the most popular online sports channel in Poland. Tyskie will encourage viewers to switch to TY in programmes broadcast by Kanał Sportowy, including HejtPark. The cooperation between the brand and Kanał Sportowy fits into the communication strategy focused on major sports events and the Przejdźmy na TY platform.

    Founded by journalists Mateusz Borek, Michał Pol, Tomasz Smokowski and Krzysztof Stanowski, Kanał Sportowy was officially launched in March 2020. The YouTube channel already has 423 thousand subscribers and the materials prepared by the editorial team have 111 million views. The channel stands out with its substantive approach to content and ability to engage viewers with the use of an unpretentious format.    

    Mateusz, Michał, Tomek and Krzysiek contribute to Kanał with their diverse experience gained while working for previous employers. They have different views, temperaments and sense of humour, but despite these contrasts, together they successfully create a unique project. It can be considered an analogy to the Przejdźmy na TY platform. On Kanał Sportowy, just like in sport, <<More unites us than divides us>>, therefore we are very happy that Tyskie joins this undertaking – says Paweł Drubkowski, Tyskie Brand Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

    The cooperation with Kanał Sportowy constitutes another stage of execution of the brand’s communication strategy focused on sport and most popular events. Last week marked the premiere of Tyskie’s advertising spot featuring Mateusz Borek, Karol Bielecki and Polish fans. That way the brand celebrated the fact that it decided to continue the partnership with the Polish Football Association and the Polish Volleyball Association. Tyskie has been and will be keeping the fans company during the volleyball and football matches played by the Polish National Team as the official beer. Moreover, the brand cooperates with the National Stadium.

    Tyskie’s presence on Kanał Sportowy as well as all communication activities are the responsibility of Huta 19 im. Joachima Fersengelda.