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    Introduce positive changes to your city – 
it’s time to launch the 3rd edition of the LECHSTARTER programme!

    The previous editions of LECHSTARTER proved how much creativity and willingness to act lie dormant in the residents of Polish cities. This year, Lech aims even higher! It’s time to kick off the third edition of the campaign offering PLN1,000,000 for the most original ideas. This year brings some novelties: ideas can be submitted not only by organizations, but also all individuals eager to change their immediate surroundings!

    Launched in 2016, the LECHSTARTER programme has been introducing positive changes to Polish cities, allowing the residents to execute original revival ideas. In the previous editions, local communities joined forces with Leszek Chmielewski to carry out 40 extraordinary initiatives from different fields. The city of Szczecin got the Neighbourly Garden of Culture – a meeting place for all the residents, and Peplin received the Green Box - an air pollution monitoring device. The residents of Gdynia were able to watch a theatre performance called “The Mask” free of charge, while people living in Wolbrom can visit the Café in the Old Cinema. 

    On February 12, all creative community workers across Poland will get a great opportunity: the third edition of the programme offers PLN1,000,000 not only for associations, foundations and communities, but also for individuals! They only have to submit their ideas via the special form available at  This year, the Lech Premium brand prepared three grant categories: 5 GRANTS estimated to PLN100,000, 7 MICROGRANTS worth PLN50,000 each for organizations and 3 grants worth PLN50,000 in the GRANT ACADEMY category, dedicated to the residents willing to fight for changes in their cities.

    How to get the grants?

    Submissions for this year’s edition of the programme will be accepted from February 12, at 2 p.m. to March 11, at 2 p.m. at Associations, foundations and other entities supporting local communities can submit their projects in the GRANT or MICROGRANT category – depending on the scale of their undertakings. Individual community workers can take advantage of the new category – GRANT ACADEMY. All projects should be based on a common concept: initiating positive changes across Polish cities!

    In March, the ideas in line with the guidelines included in the terms and conditions will be evaluated by the Jury composed of: Filip Springer – reporter, photographer, urban space expert; Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda – President of the Urban Forms foundation, focusing her activity on aestheticization of public space and introduction of social changes through art; and Vienio – rapper, producer, director and true city voice, forever inspired by the place he lives in. Such an original and diverse combination ensures selection of the best and most extraordinary projects. At the final stage, they will be subjected to public voting lasting from April 3 to May 14, 2018. The nation-wide voting will determine 15 final initiatives.

    - A city is more than just buildings and streets. It’s also a space that allows us to develop interpersonal relations and express individual creativity. We believe that everyone has an idea for positive changes across their cities and LECHSTARTER was created for those who dare to execute their concepts. Leszek Chmielewski inspires people to take charge. We hope that this year they will once again accept his invitation and impress us with truly interesting ideas! – said Natalia Kostera, representative of Lech Premium, the organiser of LECHSTARTER.

    More information as well as terms and conditions for the programme can be found at