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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich

Hołek gets on a first name basis with new Tyskie 0.0%

Tyskie expands its portfolio with a new beer – alcohol-free Tyskie 0.0%. The campaign introducing the product to the market will be addressed especially to drivers, and all the accompanying activities will take place under the slogan “Let’s get on a first name basis from Zero”. The role of the ambassador of Tyskie 0.0% was entrusted to one of Poland’s best drivers – Krzysztof “Hołek” Hołowczyc.

I did not need much encouragement to take part in the campaign, because it is very much in line with my own beliefs and the programme of the “Kierowca Bezpieczny” (Safe Driver) foundation I established. In my opinion, Tyskie 0.0% is a perfect alternative for drivers who enjoy the taste of beer, but at the same time want to be responsible on the road. Moreover, I fully support the idea of getting on a first name basis, because it is simply in my character – said Krzysztof Hołowczyc.

The new campaign for Tyskie 0.0% will be launched in March and will encompass TV and radio spots as well as OOH, digital, social media and PR activities. It will be executed by Tyskie’s partners: Bardzo, Gong, Tailor Made PR as well as OTO, Shootme and Televisor production houses. The Tyskie 0.0% label design was delivered by the BNA agency.