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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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“History shows that we always manage to get on a first name basis.” Tyskie launches its new campaign with a support slogan.

Tyskie kicks off a new campaign within the frame of the “Przejdźmy na TY” (Let’s get on a first name basis) communication platform under the slogan: “History shows that we always manage to get on a first name basis”.

The message that Poles are able to unite despite problems refers to the current situation, which practically overnight led to shutting down bars and other gathering places, and cancelling the biggest music and sports events, including EURO 2020.

The goal of the campaign is to emphasize how important relationships, solidarity and mutual support are in these troubled times. In this case, the reference to history is supposed to show that Poles have found themselves in a difficult situation countless times, and that is exactly when they managed to be together like never before, also with Tyskie.

The spot includes a subtle allusion to the current situation – despite of the guidelines regarding social distancing, we can still reduce the distance in our relationships – for example on the balcony with our neighbour, as more and more often seen in social media.

The research we have been conducting clearly indicates that Poles are tired of the negative and tragic media messages. We miss walks, talks, meetings and having a beer in good company. That is why we need to lift our spirits and provide a spark of hope for a better tomorrow and a return to normality – comments Tycjan Lewandowski, Tyskie Brand Director.

Besides the TV campaign, in the nearest future Tyskie will focus on further activities referring to the present situation.

The campaign was delivered by: Agencja Bardzo (creative concept, development and supervision over ATL communication), OTO Film – production, Karolina Lewicka and Tomek Kapuściński – direction, Agencja Gong (digital activities, concept communication), Zenith media house (media planning and purchase).