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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Good fun and great responsibility – summary of Pol’And’Rock with Eco Leszek!

The world’s Most Beautiful Festival – Pol’And’Rock 2019 was not only full of excellent sounds and positive energy, but also socially responsible, thanks to Leszek and Kompania Piwowarska. Traditionally, festivalgoers could visit two zones: Check Your BAL and ECO. As a result of the joint effort, 61 thousand people took a breathalyser test prior to going back home and 3 tons of recyclable materials were collected.

Pol’And’Rock with Leszek and Kompania Piwowarska once again turned out to be more than just an event providing abundance of musical thrills and Rock’And’Roll madness. Besides that, the festival was a place of education on how to take care of our health and protect our planet. Aside from concerts, Leszek’s Village allowed the participants to take part in animations with the use of alco-goggles, facing a reflex meter or a labyrinth, and to take a breathalyser test in the Check Your BAC zone. The ECO zone encouraged festivalgoers to bring as much collected waste (cans, cups and mixed) as possible, just to exchange it for eco-prizes (electric scooters, pillows and bum bags made of used KP banners). Moreover, the brand set a good example by introducing 2 types of cups at this year’s edition of Pol’And’Rock: 100% recyclable single-use and reusable cups, both eco-friendly.

– We have recorded very good results in terms of both breathalyser tests and the amount of collected waste. Over 61 thousand people have checked their sobriety, we have collected 1.5 ton of aluminium (cans) and approx. 1.2 ton of plastic waste. Over 16.5 thousand participants used our educational animations. We have distributed about 24 thousand reusable cups, while almost 14 thousand of them became festival souvenirs – the data speaks for itself – commented Małgorzata Walędzińska-Półtorak, Sustainable Development Programme Manager at Kompania Piwowarska.

Another novelty provided by Leszek and Kompania Piwowarska was the online sales of beer prior to the festival. The goal was to make it easier for the festivalgoers to buy their favourite beverage and save them some time. The participants of Pol’And’Rock could also enjoy the limited edition of Lech Premium cans, designed by Jurek Owsiak himself. Aside from the cans, music lovers were also able to win a limited T-shirt in a contest run at

There is a very good reason why this unique event is called the World’s Most Beautiful Festival. The stages generate loads of fantastic music and positive energy, while the fans of partying eagerly participate in diverse activities organized by our zones. Sure there were many attractions and motivators in the form of interesting prizes – but the result exceeded our expectations. The record holders from both categories brought 119 kg of cans and 160 kg of plastic respectively, and thanks to that they were able to leave Pol’And’Rock on electric scooters – added Małgorzata Walędzińska-Półtorak.

Leszek’s stage welcomed incredibly talented artists, such as Moyra, Mad Days, Ola Wielgomas and Terrific Sunday, while Leszek’s Village allowed the visitors to dye their hair green, show off at karaoke, join the Talent Incubator where Pol’And’Rock enthusiasts were putting their manual abilities to the test, or high five Krzysztof Jankowski “Jankes”, Marta Gałuszewska, Igor Herbut, Michał Mikołajczak and other celebrities.

This year’s edition of the festival attracted over 700 thousand fans of music, love, friendship and Rock’And’Roll. The festival organized in Kostrzyn by Odra once again proved that Poles know how to have fun and take care of the environment at the same time. Now, the fans of the event have to arm themselves with patience and wait for the 26th edition taking place next year.