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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
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Gold for gold, bronze for bronze – Lech Pils and Książęce Porter with medals at The International Brewing & Cider Awards 2019


As many as two of Kompania Piwowarska’s beers were awarded at the world’s oldest and most prestigious beer competition - The International Brewing & Cider Awards. The first distinction in the category for lagers with alcohol content of 5.5-6.9% went to Lech Pils, while Książęce Porter was awarded a Bronze Medal in the strong dark beer category. These were the only Polish beers among the winners.

First organized in 1886, The International Brewing & Cider Awards (previously The Brewing Industry International Awards) is the oldest, and thus the most prestigious beer competition in the world. Since 1901, it has also been awarding ciders. The event enjoys great popularity in the industry and the number of participants increases every year. In 2017 – as the competition takes place every two years – 1,100 products were submitted, and ultimately the jury awarded ten Champion titles, while gold, silver and bronze medals were handed over to 125 producers from 21 countries.

This year’s results were announced on March 8. The judges decided that Lech Pils, brewed at Lech Browary Wielkopolski, deserves a Gold Medal in the “lagers with alcohol content of 5.5-6.9%” category. In the race for the trophy, it outdistanced beer form a Danish brewery in Odense and… Asahi Super Dry, flagship beer of the Japanese group that Kompania Piwowarska has been a member of since 2017.

- We are very proud of this award, and Lech Pils fully deserves it. The market is dynamically changing – with new trends, new producers and new beers emerging constantly. Despite that, the classics still have their loyal fans, and we brew truly excellent lagers, as proven by the Gold Medal for Lech Pils – says Jacek Grabarczyk, Lech Pils Brand Manager.

At the same time, Książęce Porter can be proud of a Bronze Medal in the “strong dark beer” category. Only Scots and Americans turned out to be better than brewers form Tyskie Browary Książęce.
- Książęce Porter is our last year’s novelty – it has been on the market for a relatively short period of time, yet it has already received such an important award! It is great news. We have always known that the beer has huge potential – sums up Ewelina Masiarz from Kompania Piwowarska, responsible for the Książęce brand.

The two awards won by KP beers are in many ways unique. We can humorously assume that they were awarded based on colour criteria: Bronze Medal for Książęce Porter, which has a dark brown, almost black colour, and Gold Medal for Lech Pils, a golden lager. The jury favoured one beer that has been brewed for years and already earned an established position, and a complete debutant; regional and national beer; a representative of the widely popular lager style and a more niche porter appreciated by connoisseurs. And finally – these are the only beers from Poland that earned a spot among the group of almost 100 winners. The beer from Kompania Piwowarska’s portfolio with the most TIBCA titles is still Tyskie Gronie. In 2013, it received a Bronze Medal in the lager with alcohol content over 5.5% category and it was the brand’s fifth distinction at this competition. Furthermore, it was the first beer in the event’s 120-year history that was honoured with both a Gold Medal and the Grand Prix twice – in 2002 and 2005. On top of that, it received two Silver Medals – in 2004 and 2011.