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Employees of Kompania Piwowarska honoured at Polish National Sales Awards!

In the 12th edition of the Polish National Sales Awards competition, three employees of Kompania Piwowarska were awarded. The unquestionable leader was Aneta Patyk from the Support and Sales Development Team, who took the first place in her category and earned the Super Salesperson title. This prestigious competition for sales forces and customers service in Poland accepted submissions in as many as 27 categories.

 The finalists of the Polish National Sales Awards competition from the 27 categories had to go through a two-stage verification process. Out of 58 candidates, 3 employees of Kompania Piwowarska advanced to the second stage - Aleksandra Wardecka from the Sales Team of the Trade Marketing Department in the Innovations category and Jan Tarachowicz and Aneta Patyk from the Support and Sales Development Team.

 Aleksandra Wardecka was third in her category, Jan Tarachowicz from the Customer Service Department was second and received a distinction in the Customer Service Team category, while Aneta Patyk scored two titles, in her own category – Customer Service Manager, and the grand prix of the competition – the Super Salesperson title.

 – It is a great distinction. I am glad that our high work standards and our daily activities were appreciated by the jury of the Polish National Sales Awards competition. Such initiatives are not only a chance to present the quality and results of our work, but also an opportunity to check and verify our competences. It is nice to be a role model and be able to share good practices and ethical behaviours with others. An added bonus to this distinction is the possibility of drawing knowledge and inspiration from teams from other companies – comments Aneta Patyk, Sales Support Analytics Department Manager.

The main prize in the Polish National Sales Awards competition are postgraduate studies in “Strategic Sales and Sales Team Management” at the Kozminski University. It is a great option for those who want to develop their competence within the scope of company strategy, sales, team and self management. The winner can begin studying in the 2021/2022 academic year.   

Kompania Piwowarska has been focusing on learning as well as sharing and exchanging knowledge, both within its own structures and beyond. It puts special emphasis on execution of personal employee development plans, education and enhancement of professional competence, by organizing various internships and programs, inviting employees to take part in training sessions, workshops, discussion panels and competitions.   

Polish National Sales Awards (PNSA) is the first and only undertaking in Poland the goal of which is to promote and implement modern standards for professional sales based on good practices. PNSA distinguishes outstanding competences, extraordinary achievements and high ethical standards. The competition provides support in building a career path and self-development of sales employees. The competition accepts submissions in 27 categories. The employers who submit their employees gain additional tools for evaluation and motivation of teams. PNSA applies elaborate methodology, while the evaluation of participants is based on objectivity and substantive approach of experts, which guarantees the highest quality