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Alkohol. Tylko dla pełnoletnich
    ECO and Check Your BAL zones at the Fest Festival in Chorzów ECO and Check Your BAL zones at the Fest Festival in Chorzów

    ECO and Check Your BAL zones at the Fest Festival in Chorzów

    Kompania Piwowarska will be present at the 2022 Fest Festival in Chorzów on August 10-13 with two zones: Check Your BAL and ECO by Lech. The goal of the zones is to promote responsible alcohol consumption and environmental education.  

    Check Your BAL

    The Check Your Bal zone allows the visitors to test their alcohol content with the use of a professional breathalyser. It will also offer the following animations: reflex meter and maze with alco-goggles, which simulate the impact of alcohol on our senses and perception.

    Kompania Piwowarska’s mobile Check Your BAL zone was first launched at mass events in 2015. By 2019, over 235,000 people had tested their alcohol content and estimated whether thy could safely drive a car, and over 70,000 had taken part in the alco-goggle animations. Check Your BAL returns after the pandemic, arriving in Silesia at Mayday (November 10 in Katowice).

    Check Your BAL is also the name of the free app developed by Kompania Piwowarska to help assess the alcohol level. This virtual calculator indicates an approximate time until getting totally sober and calculates the calories absorbed with alcohol. The app is available at abcalkoholu.pl and for the two most popular operating systems. 
    ECO zone by Lech and Rekopol with a competition

    The festival participants visiting of the ECO zone will be encouraged to clean up around themselves. As part of the Bin Masters competition organised every hour, it will be possible to win scooters, power banks, and self-cleaning water bottles. Once a day, a bin master will be selected. To take part in the competition, simply bring any amount of recyclable waste and glass bottles, PET bottles and single-use cups to the ECO zone. – Fest Festival attracts about 30-40 thousand fans of great vibes and energy, accompanies by alcohol and the sense of freedom. However, best fun should end with a safe return home. We want to draw consumers attention to the important social and environmental issues, because we know that together we can do more. That is why we are here at the festival - to promote responsible choices, behaviours and encourage other to take care of the natural environmentMałgorzata Walędzińska-Półtorak, Sustainable Development Program Manager at Kompania Piwowarska. 

    Promotion of moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol is Kompania Piwowarska’s long-term social commitment, which the company has been consistently executing for years. Addressing current global challenges, including the climate and environmental crisis, the leader of the beer industry in Poland and its brands pursue the sustainability goals, contributing to the improvement of the natural environment and engaging consumers in their activities. 

    – Another initiative promoting road safety and responsible consumer choices is our current educational campaign “Alcohol and car? That doesn’t rhyme” featuring Piotr Fronczewski and Pih – adds Małgorzata Walędzińska-Półtorak.

    Kompania Piwowarska runs an educational platform dedicated to alcohol and its impact on the human body and behaviour: abcalkoholu.pl

    The educational activities carried out in Lech’s ECO zones during the festival are executed in partnership with Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań.
    More about the festival: https://festfestival.pl/

    Published: 09.08.2022